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Is someone taking a powerful stand for you?

By September 15, 2011March 11th, 2019Blog
 I am feeling so on purpose today… I love it when I am in the flow. I think part of it is being a Powerful stand for my clients. I flourished when I got a coach and someone took a strong, purposeful and loving stand for me. They saw my strength when I felt weak… they re-directed me to my Soul’s path when I fell, faltered or fell into fear… and they kept feeding me with “You can do it, I know it” … there is so much power in that!
So A BIG THANK YOU to all my coaches past and present, and future… my teachers and guidesI finally got that I am not in this alone and that the answer, the money and the support are here… right now… for each and every one of us.
And a HUGE THANK YOU to my clients, past, present and future… you allow me to do the same for you.. and you feed my Soul expansion through being a part of your unfolding… of seeing you discovering your strength… your beauty… your courage… your mo.ney 🙂
Wow.. it does take so much courage to step up to play a bigger game.. and knowing what it is like being in the desire for more, better, ‘funner’ (Yes.. I know that is not a word 🙂  … I know all the resistance and distractions and fears and excuses that come up, all day, every day, to keep you playing small.
But you did not come here to play small. You came here to be you. To live into an adventure of your choosing, your making and all for your enjoyment, learning, growing and creating. Every day you let yourself stay stuck, is a day you lose from living as YOU….living joyfully, connected, on purpose, relaxed… living your dream…. I have a sticky note on my computer that says
“How am I enjoying this moment?”
I find it motivating to know I can help someone, lift them up, open them to their beauty strength and power… guide them to see the money, opportunities, joy… and claim it.  I found that every time I made a decision and stepped up to play full out… the money, support, people … whatever I needed showed up.
It didn’t drop on my doorstep though… it took commitment, and focus and a magical turning point… when I decided .. enough!  I had to take my power back… and then I accepted the help of someone who knew what was possible for me.
Take a stand for yourself. Look for and allow the support. Make a bold decision. Then turn your back on the rest of the drama and doubt, and stay focused on your goal. Whatever you need to manifest it, is here, right now… let someone help you see it.
Get a coach, mentor, guide… give yourself the gift of saying “I AM worth it!”… cause, you know… I know you are!


  • KMarie says:

    Wonderful Nan. Many blessings to you and thank YOU for taking a stand for earthing joy and ‘wealth’ in yourself and encouraging others to do so! KM

  • vijay kumar says:

    I am so happy and great full to you for helping me to stay positive and stay focused on my Goal.