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Magnetic wealth affirmation: Own your power to claim your money

By September 18, 2011March 11th, 2019Blog

A magical Monday to you! I am buzzing from getting to talk to some of you and help you see how you can take a quantum leap in your Spiritual and financial evolution. When I hold myself powerful… then I can see you as powerful and show you how you are playing small and where you can have a dramatic money and meaning breakthru!

Today’s Magnetic wealth affirmations is designed to help you focus… remember affirmations do not, on their own re-program your subconscious mind. They focus your mind. They keep reminding you to pay attention to how you feel, what you are thinking about and therefore… what you are creating.


Own that now… then say:

” I AM the creator of my reality. I command I now see, receive and enjoy ________________________________. It is already here.

( (fill in your own money goal. Make it specific, because if you do not know what you want, then the Universe does not either.

Example : ” I AM the creator of my reality. I command I now see, receive and enjoy $10,000 a month. It is already here.”


Remember a waiter in a restaurant cannot bring you what you want and like if you do not tell him. You are Divine and have been given the right to choose. With freedom of choice, comes the requirement that you own your power = claim our Divine nature, and your ability to create your own reality. Now is the time, this is the -lace, I extend my hand to you.. step up and play a bigger, richer, more fulfilling game!