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“I can’t afford it”

By September 20, 2011March 11th, 2019Blog

These are some of the most limiting, draining and dis-empowering words that you can speak: “I can’t afford it”.

Yes, I know, I have heard all the reasons, justifications and stories… and I know your story is very real to you… yet if you really knew what you were doing when you say, think or act from this… you would throw it away like a hot potato and never go back! Well… more like toxic waste really!

Bottom line… it’s a lie. No matter where you are right now in your life, income or mindset… if your desire for more is powerful within you… then the answer… the solution.. the opportunity IS RIGHT HERE NOW TOO.

When you say “I can’t afford it” you are wielding power… and you are using that power against yourself and your prosperity. It is more than your thoughts being things, it is more than your words directing your mind, it is way more than your feelings and the law of attraction… it is keeping you from seeing and receiving the ability to afford it… and it is cutting you off from your authentic self.

When you say “I can’t afford it””

  • you command this be true for you
  • you are completely out of alignment with the Truth of the Universe and the field of abundance
  • you make it impossible for you to see the opportunities to be able to afford it
  • you tell the Spirit of money what to do and what you are worth (do not come to me)
  • You cut yourself off from the Divine flow of Abundance
  • and much much more…

I want to walk you thru this… but first I am asking you to share with me, below in the COMMENTS section… when you have said this, believed this and what it has done for you and created in your life.

Let me know

  1. What you believe you currently can’t afford
  2. Why you think you can’t afford it
  3. What you think needs to happen before you can afford it
  4. What is the biggest challenge to you stop believing and saying this

This is going to be so much fun… thanks!


  • Denise says:

    Actually, my refusing to believe “I can’t afford it” has caused me to be in dire financial straits. I believed all the law of attraction stuff and said I can spend this money because more is coming and I have more than I need and my income is unlimited. However, the money ran out and the bills didn’t. So saying “I can’t afford it” seems to be the only way I have enough to pay any bills at all.

  • Michael Htun Lynn says:

    My Dear Nan,
    Good day to you & for me also! You are a kind of Genius to guide people to go Right Ways and to maintain Right Mindset. How do you know the true concept of mine? It’s really amazing!
    Anyway, I saw myself in the Mirror with full of useless commitments in past years.
    From now on , I will do upright my ways to the Heaven As Far As Possible to save for me and whatever in my reach ……

    With highest pleasure,
    Thanks again to You,

    Always with Your Hug,

    Michael Htun Lynn

  • Yesenia Scott says:

    Yes, I have spoken those negative words “I can’t afford it” and discovered how negative those words can be. Because it seemed the more I said it the it became a reality in my life. And now what I try to do is speak positive words into my life but I’m still learning how to see beyond all the negative money issues in my life and still speak positive words about money. Can you help me with this issue?

  • Marion Scott says:

    Hi This has come at the right time for me. I have been saying this over and over for the last few years. I have a fabulous holiday booked. Im worried about how I will manage with what I have. Im worried as I have now got myself into debt. Please help.

  • deborah says:

    I have been studying all these spiritual principles for 9 years now, and although things have been better, I still get stuck as the money I want/need isn’t here yet. I am going through 3 difficult financial situations, (real estate short sales/possible foreclosure) after being wealthy all my life. I have, however, stopped most of my negative talk. But—-I am still having issues with the “how” abundance will flow to me, and “where” this money will come from. After all, I only have “so much” money and property left. See, I am limiting myself because I can’t imagine where this flow of money will come from…

  • Sussana says:

    Hi Nan, your words reminded me where I started – I still working on it
    1. What you believe you currently can’t afford – I haven’t money for that (I always remember for that sence from my past 🙁
    2. Why you think you can’t afford it – because not need / neccesary for me
    3. What you think needs to happen before you can afford it – change my believing / anyway I can afford it anything what I want because I want it 🙂
    4. What is the biggest challenge to you stop believing and saying this – more practice

  • Susan says:

    Hi Nan,
    THis seems to be the theme of my life for certain things. When I see something, even as small as a 2.00 bag of popcorn, I say, well I can’t afford that when in acutually I can. I always feel like I could be doing more with the money I have like paying bills. However, I spend a lot on coaching and books, teachings, etc and yet, I am not wealthy.

    This hinders me because I spend a lot of energy making a decision and then if I do purchase somehting, I am chronic for returning items. And these are items that I want. I know that when you say the word can’t it weakens the body and energy system, but yet it’s one of those things that seem difficult to let go. Even with all the teaching that the Universe Provides, I am unlimited and all that.. I still get stuck at I can’t afford that.

    Maybe that goes back to worthy and deserving ;). Thanks for all you do…

  • Lissa says:

    Hi Nan,
    I did have to sit and think about this.

    I currently believe I cannot afford the the extra things I would like to…as simple as a great dinner out or a spa weekend…as well as landscaping and a new deck and to pay my debt off completely every month…even travel for work.

    I believe I cannot afford it because the $ is there to pay my bills but not the extra…if I do anything extra it has to be at the expense of something else.

    My logical mind struggles with the fact that I have control over the fact customers buy or they don’t when the same product/system is in place either way…however I do see when $ and sales flow…more follow.

    My biggest challenge is that I wrestle with the fact it seems not logical and a mind game.

    Thanks again, Nan!

  • Marina says:

    Hi Nan,
    Thanks for your message, it really is very empowering. As far as the topic of “affording” things goes, I am in the same situation as so many. I have made progress in my self-talk to make sure that it is positive instead of negative, but I do believe (know) that the majority, if not all, of my money “blocks” came from my Mother, who was very disempowered when it came to money. I find myself stuck in her old programming and this has been a tremendous hurdle for me that I still struggle with to this day (I’m in my late 40’s). As a young teenager I remember frequently hearing out of her mouth, “money and wealth is for other people, not us”. Her mentality was always that if you want anything not only do you have to work hard and struggle for it, you might even have to have 2 or 3 jobs to do it! While she appreciated and loved beautiful things, there was a deep resentment towards anyone who was better off financially than she was. I don’t resent rich people or money, in fact, I look at money as a high energy tool. However, my task is to find out how to “allow” money to flow to me and finally get rid of my Mother’s faulty mental programming. I do see abundance all around me, now I just need to “see” it in my bank account!

  • Peggy says:

    I’ve said this statement in the past and it is disempowering. I’ve been working on my limiting beliefs and internal dialogue about money and find a shift has been occurring. Now when I want something (and there is an enticing program I’d love to take) I find instead of saying “I can’t afford it” my first thought has been “What can I do now to generate the income I need.” My biggest challenge though (as someone who is trying to shift limiting beliefs and is still learning) is having relatives around me with lack mentality who do say this. It’s a double challenge to change my thought patterns but also to not be influenced by others who think differently.

  • Patricia says:

    Just used it a few min’s ago…what you say can be true…we also dill with facts concerning what is available now…those things must be weighed in honesty too…there is a season and time appointed to us….there must be a balance of everything too…because WE want THINGS can out weigh and sacrifice unbalance for someone else that a choice could affect also must be keen to consider.

  • Debby says:

    The Bella Wood floors in Brazillian chestnut throughout my house. That’s what I think I can’t afford right now, because I refuse to go into credit card debt for them. Other things needed more than my wants. Have to have the car paid off and more work to come in. (I am a Bodytalk/Emotion code practioner.) The biggest challenge for me is to believe it. To see bigger evidence than I’ve been seeing.

    Thank you Nan

  • NoCAGal says:

    Have been working on my $$$ challenge for a few years now, but not sure if I’ve made my breakthrough yet. Last night I discovered another limiting belief. As a very helpful teen, I would go to my parents to request some allowance and my father would always say “Don’t bother asking, you can’t have it!” In the years I’ve been tapping, this statement never surfaced until last night! Hoping it’s the link to letting go of my $$$$ challenges…..
    until then, will keep telling myself “I am in the process of creating all the money I desire.”

  • Erica says:

    Thanks Nan for broaching the topic. I must admit- I love spending money. Sometimes I get so comfortable spending it that I have a moment of shock when I look at my account. My experience is conflicted. When the price tag is large, I immediately think “I can’t afford it” and I get physical symptoms of anxiety. There seems to be an amount that I’m comfortable with spending but after a certain point I start to worry about my bills and being able to pay it off. I do consciously make efforts not to say that I can’t afford things. However, I know when my health insurance company disclosed that they were planning to raise my premium by 34%, the first thing I worried about was affording health insurance. It’s a knee jerk reaction in some cases and I have to consciously calm myself down and propose other ways I might be able to make something work financially.

  • Suzi says:

    1. I believe I can’t afford to buy or rent my childhood home, which is for sale.
    2. I think I can’t afford it because I have no money and am living hand to mouth.
    3. What needs to happen is an influx of cash.
    4. I don’t know what the biggest challenge is to stop believing this.

    I’ve answered your questions, but I also want to say that every time I drive by the house, I say, “That’s my house!” And I am completely open to receiving any money in any way the Universe sees fit. It sometimes seems as though, if I can imagine a specific way for money to get to me, it definitely WILL NOT get to me THAT WAY. I try not to think of “hows” and only the end results. That’s why I say, “That’s my house!” I also visualize my furniture and belongings in the house, I play with re-arranging things and whether I would want to knock out this wall or remodel the bathroom. Please tell me I’m at least doing something right! But I know that I do have those “beliefs” that I can’t afford it. Thank you, Nan!

  • Marc says:

    Hi Nan,

    As many others I have been struggling with money… mortgage, schools. I think I deserve better but have no idea how to achieve my goals , so it is easier to think “I cant’ afford it” when it comes to a newer car, a vacation, a dinner… kind of frustrating

  • Lee says:

    I have vacation time coming up and I am not sure that I will be able to afford to go on it.

    I also am not sure I will be able to afford leaving my home for an apartment or having my own house in the future.

  • Yumiko says:

    I say “I can’t afford it” because I have not been working for a many years due to undiagnosed illness. I have no savings left. I have no credit cards to use since I am in the process of filing for bankruptcy. And if I were to say, “Yes, I can afford it” it would not be my own money but my mother’s social security income which I have access to as her caregiver with POA. But that would be tantamount to stealing if it is not directly related to caring for her. I have no other access to money, period. And if my mother was to go to a nursing home, I’d be homeless the next day. Being an only child, I have no relatives. I also am already using my mother’s money for my own surgery though I have not reported that to anyone because her social workers have warned me that using it for myself will be considered stealing and is a felony in no uncertain terms. I have been advised not to file bankruptcy until my health is better. I am not well enough to work and have been denied medicaid because until I have my exploratory surgery and biopsy, I don’t have a clear diagnosis of disability. I have no health insurance, only a discount plan which again is coming from my mother’s income.

    I think physical pain and undiagnosed growths for which there is no option but surgery is preventing me from being able to afford many things. What I can afford is not with my own money and has to be kept clandestine just to survive. When you are threatened of legal consequences for spending someone else’s money, even if the person agrees (she has Alzheimer’s), then one either feels guilty or rationalizes that it is for legitimate reasons. This hardly creates a sense of abundance. I am constantly afraid of being reported to Elder Protective Services for mis-spending my mother’s money on my own doctor’s bills or being neglectful.

    While having money is important, having no debilitating physical pain is better. It is very difficult to feel abundance and light when one is bedridden half the day and begging for relief. Nor when the doctor’s are not very optimistic. I have been told I am a perfect candidate for a heart attack or stroke and dying from blood loss if I don’t get this surgery. I don’t yet believe this to be true but it doesn’t help when negativity comes from those you turn to for support.

    I can’t even seek counseling for emotional issues because they are “mandated reporters” who are required by law to report any suspected abuse of elder abuse or neglect or their own jobs are in jeopardy. These include all doctors, therapists, anyone in health care, social workers, or even total strangers. Their calls are kept confidential so I wouldn’t know who reported me but the police will come knocking on my door without warning. I made the mistake of doing that twice (trusted folks at the Alzheimer’s Assoc. and the Caregivers Support Center) and found out the hard way that this is no joke. Nothing ever came of it because I do not abuse my mother but the constant scrutiny and suspicion came as severe shock because I was ignorant on how the “system” worked.

    Sorry for the long post but if I had health and financial independence, things would feel difference. I guess a physical feeling of well-being really does affect how optimistic one is about other matters like money.

  • sarah says:

    thanks Nan i will be working to change the i cant afford it that is so easily pulled out of nowhere when we dont want to at that moment .

  • Benita Andersson says:

    I hear myself saying it over and over again. When I need money to go to the dentist, need to buy oils for my massage business or want to take a course or buy a program that can help me with these limiting believs. I still haven´t found a better way to express the fact that I just “can´t afford it”.

  • Carmen Pisani says:

    Dear Nan, I would like to tell your readers one very important discovery life has showed me, that the more I want something, the more it eludes me. The harder I try, the more the outcome escapes me, but once I forget, even momentarily, about what I want to manifest in my life, it shows up unexpectedly, so I have learnt that the best way to manifest something is to let go completely, which is not always that easy, in short, I repeat often to myself, ” LET GO and LET GOD. ALL is well in my life, all is well in my world”. I can quote instances in my life when I had completely forgotten about something I had desired, and surprise, surprise, I have it!!!. Deepak Chopra says, “You should post your letter only once”, meaning that when we post a letter, we hardly think about it anymore, and it is still delivered. We tend to block the flow of energy when we try too hard, so hopefully, your readers will find the above of assistance when they wish to manifest their desires. Any comments will be appreciated. Good luck to all.

  • Betsy Dunda says:

    Wow, Nan:

    This was a powerful blog subject; what you said really got me to be more aware of what I find myself thinking and got me looking at my beliefs around money even more. I want to be free of ever saying those particular words to myself again. I’ve been especially attentive since I first read this this blog last week.
    I may not see the “where” and the “how” of my earning, receiving and attracting more income yet but I can engage in activities to raise my level of belief, like the programs and book I’ve purchased from you, EFT and any other activities/opportunities that present themselves.
    Just because I want other avenues of income and don’t see them yet, see the opportunities yet doesn’t mean they don’t exist. ( I had the opportunity to watch the replay Saturday of part of a David Neagle event where participants at the event got to ask him for help finding the money for their businesses, which was very interesting and empowering; with just a few questions he cut right to the chase and helped these individuals see where the opportunities and the money are for them).
    I think it’s even clearer that I’m afraid of succeeding more so than I realized before and the little voice inside ( like the beliefs I learned from my parents) is trying to tell me things like I don’t deserve to be successful as a health and wellness coach because I didn’t become financially stable from working hard at a job that payed well( never mind whether or not I liked it or I got to be myself and share my gifts, talents, skills and abilities).

    Awareness is definitely power and the more aware I find myself the easier it is to stay present. The easier it is to stay present the easier it is to refrain from judging the future based on the past.

    I realized even before you wrote this blog that I heard ” we can’t afford it ” a lot growing up. However, I did better around my mother this past weekend because I don’t think that phrase even came up. Hallelujah, I was able to stay more positive, I think maybe I expressed more gratitude so, apparently I didn’t attract that phrase from her. It can seem challenging to be around individuals at a different level of conciousness, seemingly unconcious, whether those individuals are family members, co-workers or customers.

    I really want to be as outside the box in my thinking and beliefs as I require, so I have more satisfying work being me and sharing what I have to offer, that that work is of significant value to those people that have been waiting for it ; they are glad to pay generously for it; I can leave my job; and I can move to a better suited home for me.

    Thanks so much for this opportunity to share all of this.

  • Archie says:

    I don’t use the words `I can’t afford it’ but the feeling is certainly there. Not so much about things as I have food, transport, heat etc, but payments on old debts take up all the rest of my income. I have started internet marketing but progress is slow as I feel restricted to mostly free or very low cost advertising.