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Money Everywhere

By October 12, 2011March 11th, 2019Blog

Want to learn to ‘see’ money everywhere? It is the Universal truth of manifesting and abundance, that whatever you have a Divine Desire for… exists, right now, in your life. Most people have a ‘Money Blindfold” on… they do not believe that the money is there for them to answer their desires (and anything else that you need)…
The real question is CAN YOU SEE IT? Do you KNOW it is there… right in front of you?… or maybe the real question is…
ARE YOU WILLING TO BELIEVE IT… and leave the lack behind?
I got this email from one of my coaching clients and wanted to share it.. because you can see his MIND SHIFT created the ability to see where the money was, and receieve it… and you can do this too, right now..
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Please leave me your comments and questions below on how you have ‘seen’ the money or what your struggle is with believing…
“Hey Nan!
So I had a couple money breakthroughs in the past two weeks…the first one was when my mortgage advance didn’t cover all the fees and I had to find a way to pay around $6,000 in lawyer fees and taxes. I had no idea where this money was going to come from but stayed calm and trusted that when I ask, it will be delivered.
I meditated and spoke with my guides and they told me that everything would be Ok and that I should visualize the money being paid which I did.
The next day my lawyer contacted me and said that if I email him a couple utility bills or bank statements showing my new address, that he could send them to the condo builder proving to them that I own the unit then they would have to pay the HST rebate which was around $4k. i sent him everything and the builder agreed to pay the HST!
The second breakthrough was the remaining lawyer fees which is $1800. I have most of the money ($1600) and the remaining I planned on getting from my credit card.
I tried transferring from the card a few hours ago and it wasn’t working. I called support and they said that the card was cancelled and sent to collections which doesn’t make sense because I make the payments every month. Anyway, I wasn’t able to reach collections because it’s a holiday.
I had no idea where the money was going to come from. I layed down and listened to your Secrets of the Spirit of Money call and thought about when you said the money is on the other side of what I fear. What I feared was asking people for money. I had no problem loaning it out but asking for it was uncomfortable for me. I thought about what people would think like “Why did he buy a condo if he can’t afford it”, “I bet he ran out of money”, “I bet he’s not good with his money” blah blah blah.
After I accepted these thoughts then let them go, I proceeded to ask family and friends for money. Within 3 hours more than enough money was in my bank account 😀
I really enjoyed that call Nan, it gave me further awareness on why the fears are there and how to overcome them. Thank you so much.
Speak with you soon.
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