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I know where your money is…

By October 18, 2011March 11th, 2019Blog

I know where your money is. I know that you have money waiting for you all around you. No lie. You have been wanting, asking for more money? If so, then I know, without even talking to you, that you have some money ‘waiting’ for you, right now. And… I know where it is!

I talk to people all the time about their money blocks, frustrations and financial situation… about growing their business, and about living from purpose with joy. Many people are too afraid to ask for what they want… even if they really, really want it… and are frustrated and have been living in lack or stuck for a long time. It is amazing how strong we are… and how long we can keep going even when things have not changed.

The fact is when you have a real desire… what I call a Divine desire… and you let yourself want it…. you can go forward in faith what you need to manifest it is already here, right now. Money too.

Want to know where your money is?

I wanted to share a story with you, and then I would love it if you would leave a comment below and share your fear around asking for what you want, and asking for money…

Mary, much like you, she has a desire. it is deep within her and gnaws at her every day… she wants to help people, she wants to take her passion for healing and all that she has learned and share it with people. She knows inside her that she can help and has helped many people already. They say how much she helped them, and how talented she is… but they do not pay her… or pay her much. She cannot live on what she makes.  She felt unfulfilled and is not sure why… she wants more people to help, but she has been trying to make this business work for over a year and she is basically barely making any money.

Now her savings is dwindling, and her fear is rising. She feels frustrated because she has taken lots of free classes, and listened to lots of free telesummits. She has even bought a few classes that cost $20-$100 or so… but she is afraid to invest more money into herself or her business… because she has not seen much money come in. She thinks the money should come in first before she decides to do anything ‘big’ like hire a coach.

Her bank account doesn’t increase… in fact it keeps going down. She gets a new client now and then… but they do not seem to have any money and she feels sorry for them. So she gives her time and talent for trade or free or for very low amount. She feels so good when she is doing her healing work, and loves to see the results people get. She tells herself she should be happy with that, that is what really matters… helping people.

She feels awkward asking them to pay her more when she knows their situation. She feels like her talents are a blessing from the Universe… and they can help people and she keeps hoping… more clients will come… someone last week said they would tell their friend and someone on facebook says they would love to.. but no one seems to follow through.

She thinks almost all the time about this… why? Why don’t more people come? She is using affirmations and meditating now and then. She thought it would be easy because so many people out there are saying “just do this and you will be a success”… and after all, she is doing spiritual work and she feels this is her purpose in life because she feels so alive when she does it. She is filled with conflicting emotions, she is embarrassed to admit to her friends what is happening, because they mostly tell her to get a job.

What does change over time? Her savings is going down… her passion is waning… her self esteem is lower than ever… self doubt and anger rise up each day… and she finds herself blaming other people in her mind… and she hates that, but it just won’t stop. What’s wrong? What’s wrong with me” Why don’t people come, why don’t they want to pay? On and on her mind goes…

She keeps insisting, I have this information, and they told me to post a few things on facebook and twitter… but only a few people chatted with her, but no one bought anything. She has more information in her head, but no better results. She keeps looking for the ‘fix’… a new target market, a different  website, a new color business card…

Can you relate to this? I talk to dozens of people every week like Mary, they a have a passion and they have started a business, but their money is disappearing and not coming in. They are following myths on how to build a business (OK I am going to be very controversial here and tell you… you are not going to make money by chatting on facebook or twitter… especially if all you do is post a couple things a week!! No matter what anyone says..this is not how to make money and get clients).

So what is really going on? Where is Mary’s money? Why, if she feels this is her Soul calling and loves what she does, is the money not flowing into her business and bank account.

There are several things at play here…  today I want to talk about one… a HUGE one, the one where your money is hiding behind every time… Fear. Your money is hiding behind your fear.

Here is a series of questions you can ask to see where you need to look:

What do you fear doing?

Who do you fear looking foolish to, or like a failure to?

What do you fear will happen?

What are you avoiding?

Look for your fear… you will find out your money is hiding right behind it.

Mary, above, has a

  • fear of asking people for money
  • fear of being seen as greedy etc = low self worth: she cannot state her value with ease and faith that the people who really want and need it, will be happy to pay whatever she asks.
  • a fear of being disliked, rejected and not seen as ‘nice’ and ‘helpful’.

Mary feels uncomfortable asking for what she is worth, asking for the correct fees that would support her, her business and her life.

Mary’s money is behind her fears. Right now she will see little or no change in her income clients and business, because she is more  concerned with what others think than with taking care of herself and making money that would free up her life. She has a deeper need for being liked than being rich. She has a deeper fear of being disliked or appearing greedy or such, than building a business that will thrive and touch lives.

She is protecting her insecurities and that is more important to her, subconsciously, than making money, serving more people and loving life.

Where is your money?