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3 Secrets to Lasting Change

By October 31, 2011March 11th, 2019Blog
Here is your Monday Manifestation Miracle tip: 3 Secrets to Lasting Change.
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Where in your life do you truly want change? Think about it, most people want more money, more consistent income, and to do what they love while earning rich sums. To have a DIFFERENT RESULT… like more money than you now have, or have ever have, or more clients than your business has ever had…. even deeper relationships and love…. you HAVE TO CHANGE SOMETHING… and that is WITHIN YOU.
Today I am going to share something you can follow to truly will change your life… it is from something  Tony Robbins mentioned. Enjoy!
Here is your Monday Manifestation Miracle tip:
3 Secrets to Lasting Change
  1. Change your standards
  2. Change your beliefs
  3. Change the Strategies of how you conduct your life
If you take action, and change your standards (what you expect and accept… from yourself and life)… the strategies will show up to make that change in your life. The Universe will be able to have a clear path to guide you, and show you the ‘how to do it’. Watch for the insights, ideas and other intuition, synchronisities.
The Universe answers you every second of every day… you have to be aware, and take action for the ‘HOW” to show up.
If you are constantly looking for ways to improve, the strategies show up… the teacher/coach shows up… they will model what you want, they will have the strategies specifically to help you turn things around… BUT you have to step up, say yes, buy the class, hire the coach, do the actions… and often that action has to PRECEED any results around you.
Operate from FAITH.

You want to uplevel what you expect from life, from yourself, from Spirit… you can never ask too much of God/Universe… and the answer is always YES!

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