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The ‘Veil” is thin.. get guidance, set goals

By October 31, 2011March 11th, 2019Blog

The “Veil” is thin right now for a week or so… that means that now is an excellent time to tune in to other states of consciousness, other realities.

You know that when you set a goal and you achieve it, you have changed dimensions… you have shifted to a new vibration or state of consciousness.

So use this amazing combination of this time of year = the energies are easier to penetrate and ‘see’ thru… along with the already begin 2012 and 11-11-11 energies that are shifting us to a whole new dimension to:

  • Let go: past, people, fear, anger, blocks, resistance….
  • Communicating with Guides: get guidance
  • Setting goals in a co creative way with your highest self
  • Re-connecting to your Soul level and accessing your Missions

These are all going to be especially powerful right now.  And love… mmm tune in to the frequency of love and bathe in it!

Love, Nan