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Take my hand…how to get the most from the energies of 11-11-11 and 2012

By November 4, 2011March 11th, 2019Blog
2012 is an profoundly amazing time (this is NO exaggeration!!) … and it has begun! What a blessing we are here to experience this LEAP in human consciousness! If you have noticed big shifts, I am not surprised! This can come in many forms… could be increased fear, or insights into your passion…
11-1-11 began a special energy pouring in, and if you look around you can see people feeling it… falling into fear or moving more to the light. This is a choice, and it may not feel like it… but this is why I am here… to help you see that the fear is an illusion that keeps increasing until you take back your power and then you can ride this wave of energy to increase your love, your happiness, your strength, courage, and money!
15 years ago a spiritual teacher of mine told us all about 2012 and what the energies would do and how people would react. he told us that we would see this for years before 2012, and I am seeing it all happen! One thing I see happening is people becoming polarized… moving either more into FEAR or more into LOVE & Light. I am amazed at how pronounced this is becoming as the energies increase and the ‘doors’ openened last week to this unique once in a million times we are in. What is happening for you? It is time to pay very close attention to what you are feeling and what is happening for you… and most of all… how you are handling it.
Did you know that we are ending a 26,000 year cycle(procession of the equinoxes)? This is why so many people want to be here on Earth right now… this an opportunity for massive spiritual expansion, personal growth and enlightenment. This is an opportunity that can lift you up and accelerate you into your Soul mission and purpose… living the Divine abundant life that is your nature and Divine right. OR it can be experienced as more fear, more loss, more pain, more lack… and either way you go there are two things for sure:
  1. You are in control of how you experience this massive shift… it is your choice, one you make within by following your heart and not what you see around you, by making a choice to BE your true self and face fear as an illusion not reality…
  2. You WILL experience fear and loss if you are still caught up in that illusion… you will see all that happens as bad and scarey, and you will create your own  nightmare of lack and loss… OR you WILL experience miracles of healing, breakthroughs of money and increased energy, health, joy and purpose… IF you choose it.
Either way… you are the one in control. Know this. Because if you blame, anything or anyone outside you… you have given your power away and it will appear as if the outside world is out of control and you are a victim of it.
However if you gather your courage, DECIDE within you NOW IS THE TIME… and you get support and guidance and commit to TRUTH… you can rise up from all lack, rise up from all fear, rise up from all illusion and ride this momentous time like a surfer on a wave of light and love.
You choose. This is it. This is a powerful moment in time… you are here for a reason… and no one… NO ONE.. but you can take the reins of how you will experience this and how you will expand, evolve and grow with it.
I am moving through this time with all the power and intention I can access… and I am happy to be your guide and support. I would like to invite you to join me and my amazing tribe of beings and ride this wave with me. We will have fun, love, joy and abundance. We are ALREADY having healings, and courage abounding.
I have two ways you can join me right now…
ONE: Join me LIVE on 11-11-11 for a profound, Spirit led activation… to allow you to tune in to your TRUTH, and open yourself to a whole new level of awareness and consciousness. EVOLVE NOW...
My Live Event ‘Secrets of the Spirit of Money: BreakFree from Money Blocks to Master Your Money Mind & Manifest Your Dream Business‘” kicks off in one week on 11-11-11.
People from Italy, Canada and all over are rearranging their lives and facing their fears and climbing over mountains of obstacles to be here… you can do it too, I know it! All it takes is a decision .. within you. Get details here:
TWO: Join my class: “The Miracle of Money Manifestation: Tap into the Spiritual Law “Ask & it is Given” to UNLOCK the Money all around you and LEAP to 6 Figures”
. Tomorrow we have a BONUS Training Call: “Know your enemy: How to Recognize and Walk thru the 6 Ghosts of Fear that keep you from accessing your  wealth, joy and Purpose” (Yes, it is recorded for you to use and reuse!)
Then the class begins on Nov 14th.
This Bonus class is designed to give you a deep insight and processes and a deep change within you to handle all the FEAR that is rising in people all over the world as we rush into 2012. It is a tool you can use for the rest of your life! It is an opportunity to CHANGE your EXPERIENCE OF 11-11-11- and 2012!
Details on the class are here:
(You get the whole class FREE if you come to the Live Event!)