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A Spiritual Journey

By November 4, 2011March 11th, 2019Blog
Here is an insight into a deep spiritual journey. When you begin to decide you want to know the Truth, and live from your Divine nature, abundant and on purpose… many shifts happen within. I have a special treat for you.. below is an email from a wonderful client who is coming to the Spirit of Money Live event...he has done some VIP work with me a couple times in the past and felt drawn to come.
His decision has already created breakthroughs.
Below he shares his experience from a bonus call”Already Rich”  (which you get when you join us)…if you still want to come to the event… and I highly recommend it, especially now with the 11-11-11- activation and opening get details here or contact me:
Here is Jeremy’s experience during the first pre-call (shifts begin right away when you decide to work with me, and continue all throughout)

Enjoy and share 🙂

“Nan – I just finished listening to the the first pre-call recording and I wanted to share some things.  Feel free to share.
When I received the key from my higher self the message I received was to “trust”.  During the process off opening all 3 doors.  I found myself struggling.  I felt an internal battle to NOT open the doors and see what was on the other side.  I broke out into a sweat and became uncomfortable physically and started to fidget.   At this point, I knew we were hitting on something that needed to be cleared.
Door #1  – I saw a big empty warehouse.  Only a few lights were on, making it dark and dreary.
Door #2 – For some reason I did not want to trust what I saw here.  Again, that internal struggle was making it a little difficult.  I remembered the message of “trust” from my higher self, so I was able to continue and see a boy sitting next to an open window in an apartment type complex.  The room was empty, just the boy in an old wooden chair.  I got the message of “wishing”.  He was wishing he could play, or go otuside.
Door #3 – I saw a big money tree.  It was a big Christmas tree with money growing on it.  The setting was very magical with a level of calmness that was peaceful.  Yet, at the same time it was very powerful and it energized me.
After the clearing, I saw white buffalo calf woman.  I thanked her and I was immediately overwhelmed with emotion and started to weep.
I am still buzzing from the clearing so I am sure I am missing some details, but I know it is important to share.  I also know it is essential that I listen to this again.”
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