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11-11-11 Transformation week fun step one to unlock door #1

By November 7, 2011March 11th, 2019Blog
I had an incredible experience last night… the 11-11-11 energies are building… are you tuning in to them and riding them? If not, you may feel pulled down, or drained, maybe even stuck… One thing I saw at a new and deeper level is how you are not in control of your own choices. Really. It’s important.
Not getting the results you want? Not making more money fast or fun enough?
I got a glimpse into the way our minds work and if we do not master them, what they are capable of… and I saw something I know I have to share…
You are not making your own choices… even though you think you are.
Yet you are the creator of your reality and have a very important mission to be on… you are being called, right now to step up and embrace being the purpose in a bigger way… so why aren’t you doing it? I’ll bet you are asking yourself the same question!
So you wonder: Why isn’t anything changing? Why aren’t I attracting more clients… more income? Why do I feel so stuck, or frustrated, or am lacking real results? Where’s the money?
Distractions… excuses… waiting… it’s all designed to make you think you are making the choices to “think about it longer” and not take action or “Not know how to afford it”… and do nothing to find the money or ” need a sign from Spirit”… and then do nothing.
When you stop yourself from making powerful decisions that will create true change and alter your life to a new path (probably the one you really want and have been searching for)… no matter what the reason… you better stop and take a step back. Take a look.. because the voices in your head are not serving you. Even when you think they are your Spiritual guides… be careful.
Whether it is your spiritual guidance, your inner voice, your doubts and hesitation, your feeling that you should think it over for awhile, your family saying that’s crazy… be careful…it’s all a distraction. It’s all subtle and not so subtle ways to keep you from making a powerful decision and moving forward and making real change, getting real results, making more money.
Your current identity is locked in to the old limiting, self sabotaging  beliefs and patterns, and your subconscious mind is a skilled expert at keeping you from making a decision and taking action. Keeping you from staying focused on your dream by creating drama, sickness, and most of all… the inability or willingness to make a decision and act quickly on opportunities the Universe is bringing you. Keeping you uncertain, slightly off center, always waiting to find the safe, comfortable place inside before choosing to move forward.
I see it day on and day out.. people, just like you, wanting change, wanting a meaningful business, wanting more money and fun, wanting to know their purpose and help others… but not making the decision that has to be made for the doors ti open. Sitting, waiting, wishing, hoping, affirming… yet not seeing change or money or happiness come any closer.
Source did not make you to sit and wait. You are here with a purpose, it is calling you… the 11-11-11 energies are pushing everyone… are you going into more fear and lack, or taking your courage and stepping up to a new level of living?
The clever web of beliefs installed in you from your childhood plus the patterns of protection you have weaved through your stories over the years, and the meanings you have taken as valuable truths to be lived by… are all intermingled to create a wall of tangled illusions that are impossible to untangle and break free of.with the most sublte ways to slow you down and distract you… all to accomplish you staying still. No results. No more money. Just stuck.
Now it’s not an enemy that is doing this to you.
It is not someone evil or mean who hates you or even wants to harm you.
It is your own self. Your subconscious. Your ego. Your identity. And it is trying soo hard to keep you safe, stuck, same. It is doing it’s job. It is staying strong against change, shifts, letting go, moving forward… embracing the new, the better, the more.
It’s time to face it, You can’t make this change on your own… no one can. How do you know who is in your mind? How do you know what hidden beliefs too strong.. the habit of waiting, wishing… it is too good at knowing how to slow you down… your subconscious mind… you need outside help to see through all the ways your inner web is stopping you from getting your abundant life of purpose.
How do you get out? Ask yourself these questions… and get a coach 🙂
11-11-11 Inquiry #1
1) Why do you think you don’t know or do what you really want to do? Why is it safe to not know or do what you really want?
2) If you let yourself really want what you want deep in your Soul, would you be doing something different? Would you have said yes to something recently that you said no to?
3) How is your lack of making powerful decisions showing up elsewhere in your life and business, and income? What excuses do you make that keep you from making choices that would push you towards your dream?
4) If I made

I see your power. I beleive in you. You can cross the seas of distraction, and stay focused on your goals. Know what you want, Choose it, uncover it, allow it to merge with you.

Step 1: you MUST know where you are going. You  MUST let your self to know and desire what you truly want. What is your definiteness of purpose?