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11-11-11 Blessing

By November 11, 2011March 11th, 2019Blog
BLESSINGS!! It is here… wow.. how are you feeling with the Full Moon energy of abundance AND 11-11-11 energies… it is RIPE for reclaiming your Divine Abundance!
I am flying high, been up for hours opening to deeper levels of this beautiful moment… thrilled to spend the day floating in this moment …
Recognize you are in a Divine moment of shift… even if you do not feel it at first.. you are between worlds.. and this is the time to choose…
So I invite you to choose:
  1. Who you are
  2. Who you want to be with
  3. What you want your life to be
  4. Why you want it

Make a new choice, one from freedom, not one controlled by others or past programming… dig deep within and ask to be connected to your true SOUL purpose.

If you do this authentically and allow your inner self to reveal to you your true path and desires… you will be lifted up to a new path, a new clarity , a new way of BEing…

Tonight I have the honor of taking my Spirit of Money Live group through2 hours of activation in aligning with the 11-11-11 energies… and magnifying their manifestation abilities.
Doors will appear and swing open where only walls were… and I will share some audio clips from it… so keep a watch!
Love yourself today… go look for the Divine in your eyes, in others, in money, in your fear… all you desire is a gift from The Universe… and it is Already here… command to see it and LIVE!
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