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If time where the currency instead of money

By November 16, 2011March 11th, 2019Blog

last night I saw a movie called “In Time”… and it is fascinating because this future world uses time as currency, not money. You have a certain amount of time to live, and you can get more by working …trading your work for more time…and you use the time you have left to live for anything you want to buy, like food, clothes, rent, bus fare…

I always say money would mean nothing if we decided not to use it as currency anymore, and all the issues you have around money would dissolve… but now you would have those issues around whatever the new currency is. If plastic pigs were the currency you would get all emotinal when someone took your plastic pigs. You would fear plastic pigs, you would worry about there being enough plastic pigs… you would even secretly crave plastic pigs, but worry about letting anyone know for fear they would think bad things about you.
Time being the currency brings it into a harsh light… that you are giving your life away for money. In the movie you are literally giving your life away, the amount of time you have to live, to eat, travel, stay at a hotel, buy gas… The reality you are living is you are trading your life, time, energy, passion for money. It was never meant to be this way.. you do not have to work for money in an abundant world where everything you ask for is already given.
We have been trained to believe, over centuries, that we have to work for money. In fact, you can break free of that and DO WHAT YOU LOVE and the money will follow.
However there is a catch… you have such strong beliefs in place that say that you can’t make money doing what you really love… or if it is easy and fun doing what you love and making money it is not good money… or you have to work long and struggle for money…. that it takes intention and focus to get out of that forest and into the light where you see the flow.
Stop. Think about it. Do you plan to keep trading your time … your life away for money? Wouldn;t it be better to master money and manifesting and then do what you love and see the money increase and increase?
What are you doing that you could change that would make you increase how much you love your work by 100%?
Decide to make that happen and see your income increase too.
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