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Spirit of Money Wealth Tip Manifest

By November 18, 2011Blog

Spirit of Money Wealth Tip

After the amazing journey we went on at the Spirit of Money Live event I wanted to share something that really seemed to be a tough point and creates super powerful breakthroughs:

Many people get on a spiritual path, and learn about the power of the mind, and visualization… law of attraction… and then meditate, or make vision boards… and use these tools while thinking about their goal… but still see few results.

This is because manifesting is more than wishing, more than Spirit… to manifest: make obvious in the physical world to your mind and sight… you must recognize that working on the Spiritual dimension is only 1 part of the process.

You are taking a Spiritual inspiration & idea and turning it into physical substance. This means that only working on the Spiritual planes with your desire will only increase it’s energetic presence… but not produce a physical object.

I see a lot of people use these techniques and see little or no results… but INCREASE their passion and visions of it. Now you must also use your mind and body to bringing it fully into your physical space.

  1. It is already there…. you must believe this Universal principal
  2. You must DECIDE you want it
  3. You see it in your mind’s eye as often as possible, building it mentally
  4. You believe it is already here and you go to look for it
  5. You keep seeing and seeking opportunities in your life right now and acting on them until you see results

Do not get deluded into thinking Spiritual work alone will bring you money. You have to let go of your fear and be willing to do what is being offered to you… eve if it costs money, time or energy. Change is happening, take action and go with the flow. It is no fun being dragged. Increase your results!

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