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I am SICK & TIRED of seeing people struggle with money

By November 25, 2011November 28th, 2011Blog
After the immense blessings of thanksgiving… I awoke with a deeper sense of purpose than ever… I am SICK & TIRED of seeing people struggle with money… repeat patterns of lack and not even know they do it… and fail to fulfill their potential because they were never taught how to manifest…money… or anything.
So today I want to hear from you… do you have a minute to share something with me? It’ll be quick…
It may push your buttons… but this is important! Well.. it’s only important if you want to be free of all the false beliefs you have around money and where it is, and who controls it, and how to find it and how to make it over and over in any amount you desire!
I am so fascinated with why over 80% of the World’s population lives in relative poverty… and why 1-2% of the world’s population controls 90%+ of the worlds money… this is a topic that is coming up in the mess consciousness a lot… but the result is not a solution… it is not empowerment through Spiritual Truth… sadly I do not see people taking back their power…. all I see is more poor mentality, people blaming other people or governments or jobs… anything to not take their responsibility for their own lives, income and happiness.
This is a never a solution. Ever. All it does is weaken people, both the ones blaming and complaining and the ones people perceive to be victims of circumstance. You NEVER help anyone by being poor in mind or bank account, by focusing on lack or feeling sorry for yourself or others.
SPIRITUAL FACT: There is NOTHING outside of you keeping your good from you…. your money, your clients, your motivation, your love, your dream. NOTHING.
So why do some people take 2-5- even 12 hours or more of their precious time and stand in lines at a sale to save a few $? Why are people willing to go through great discomfort to get a ‘deal’,  buy something on sale or for a special price… and yet they are not willing to put that same willingness, strength and time into something that will actually enhance, uplift, enrich and help their income and life? Belief in Lack and poverty consciousness.
Why do others never cut coupons or are not willing to ‘spend’ their time to ‘save’ $10-200 or so…and still have enough to buy what they want… does it mean they are greedy or mean, or evil?… does it mean they are doing something unfair?… does it mean they are taking advantage or have some secret power or support that others who struggle with money don’t have?
It means they UNDERSTAND something that the rest do not and they are willing TO DO what they fear…
They understand how to manifest. They understand money. They understand Universal laws and follow them. They work and grow every day to clear the limits and false beliefs inside them and they keep their eye on their goals with EXPECTATION and FAITH. They can do this, because they DECIDED to own their power, live their life the way they want and they accept there is enough for everyone and they DO NOT SPEND TIME AND ENERGY BLAMING OTHERS or OUTSIDE CIRCUMSTANCES or chasing down “savings”.
So… I am sure this brought up some thoughts, fears, anger, emotions while you read it… GOOD!
You cannot change anything unless you recognize it is there… you must know where you are (in thought, belief…).
So will you share with me below your feelings that come up with this?
Here are some questions you can ponder to dig deeper into what is really going on inside you:
  1. Do you find yourself feeling anger or other draining emotions when it comes to making money?
  2. Do you find yourself blaming others, or outside circumstances for your lack of income or results in making money, finding clients or work?
  3. What makes you stop when you are taking steps to increase your income, grow your business?
  4. What thoughts and feelings come up when you feel like you want to make more money, want to create a profitable business or want to do something that requires more money?
You may have gathered an impressive amount of intellectual knowledge around what to do and not do… but if you are not applying it, living it, and seeing the results you want… there is still something you DO NOT UNDERSTAND.
Let’s talk below and get to the bottom of it. I am ON FIRE to help you see through this jungle of tangles lies and half truths so you can clear a path to prosperity NOW!