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4 Day Challenge: Your money is ALREADY HERE

By December 9, 2011Blog
Last night on the “Money-Mind-Purpose Connection” call I proposed a challenge. I invite you to do it as well. Monday we have the 2nd call in the free training series. If you have not listened to the call or are not registered, I highly recommend you do it now and join us!
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“I thoroughly enjoyed the call. It has made me think about a lot of things overnight. One main things is who is holding me back.
My goodness how many people do I let have control of me!!!! So will be working on this over the next few days.Thanks for a great call looking forward to mondays call. Regards Marion”
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4 Day Challenge between now and Monday’s call:

  1. Write down the Law of Polarity  on a card and carry it with you
  2. Repeat it to yourself 3x a day, read it , say it in your head
  3. Imagine it was real for you and take one goal
    ($ or other main goal) and imagine for a few minutes 1-2x a day:
  4. Do everything you can to notice the fears and negative self
    talk that comes up trying to distract you from the TRUTH…
    do your very best to FEEL it is real, even if you have to
    make it a fairy tale land, just let yourself imagine with abandon!!
If there is a problem – the Solution is right here too
If there is a  DESIRE – the way to ful fill it is ALREADY HERE
If you want Money/Clients/Sales – They are ALREADY HERE
Remember the Desire or the perceived problem CAME to you because it is already here. All things in the Universe exist simultaneously: both sides of all things. So if you see LACK- it means ABUNDANCE is right here too… just like two sides of a piece of paper… to see the abundance vs the lack, you have to shift your point of view, your persepctive, your state of mind.
But no matter what your mind or others try to tell you: IT IS ALREADY HERE… YOU are ALREADY RICH!
This is a KEY to living from Spiritual TRUTH and shifting your mindset to one that can actually see and beleive this is true for you. Once you make this shift… wow, your life will CHANGE and ABUNDANCE will begin to appear all around you (it is there right now, you just do not ‘see’ it).
Enjoy, and LEAVE COMMENTS below, I really want to hear your experiences with this!