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Top 3 mental blocks that slow down $$

By December 14, 2011Blog

Please think about this and then share your thoughts and answer below in the comments… Love you, Nan!!

What are the top 3 things that stop you or slow you down from making the $$ Money you want?

What are the obstacles, or mental or emotional blocks that keep you from taking action and creating a thriving business making lots of $$ money and helping the people you would love to serve most?

Go deep, this is about what is going on inside you, not things like “My boss” or “the economy”… I want to know what keeps you from doing the things that will start or build your business right now… what makes you procrastinate? What makes you afraid and slows down your taking action…

What keeps you from knowing and doing what is necessary to get more clients, increase your income and live your purpose?

IDEAS: lack of confidence, fear over what others think, fear of mis-managing money, losing money, time or people, no clarity on what you want to do, think you can’t spend the $ on yourself, letting others run your life and decisions… who?  what? why?

PLEASE COMMENT BELOW with your answers , thanks!