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[Video] Are you willing to pay the price for success?

By December 21, 2011Blog

One of the most delightful and meaningful benefits of letting go of fear and accepting yourself so you can step up into your purpose and prosper… is meeting other amazing people. You not only get to reap the benefits of attracting more clients and money, but you also attract people who are empowering, positive, living their mission and an absolute joy to be with.

We are honored to be staying with our friends Shanda and Nick here in their beautiful house in Barbados. We get to play, and empower each other, because we were all “willing to pay the price” to have the lives of our dreams. Paying the price is actually the best thing you will ever do… it can be the price of letting go of fear, feeling not good enough, letting go of negative people in your life, or putting in more time or money…

The key to remember is there is always in exchange for the prosperity you desire… when you know what it is, and you let it go… the riches show up all around you!

Today I am going to share another video with you, about this idea that Napoleon Hill put forth in “:Think and Grow Rich” of paying the price for your success…
so head over to my blog right now to watch this one…


What do you think is the price you have to pay for success? In other words: what is the thing you are resisting, or fearing, that you must let go of in order to do what will manifest the money? Share your thoughts below please!