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This is the start of your dream life

By December 30, 2011Blog
I am heading out to a 3 days convention of fun with my twin girls Emily and Sierra and their friends, and my love of my life Chris.  It includes a masquarade ball and a new years dance, we can all attend together… I love that!
I have been reflecting on this last year… how bountiful , and amazing it has been… because I was willing to push myself outside my comfort zone. Feeling the gratitude and love filling me that comes with living your purpose.  I cannot describe the inner peace, deep joy and profound satisfaction that comes when you are ready to let go and be yourself, do what you love… and let the money, friends, clients and experiences come to you.
Living your dream life is not something that just happens. It does not just knock on your door and say let me in! It takes dedication, commitment, willingness to let go of fears, judgements about yourself and whether you deserve or are good enough. It require developing mental discipline, and choosing to live your life, on your terms, and let go of what other think.
I know this is not easy… I have been pushing myself outside my comfort zone for over 28 years… even longer really… so I know how to do it.
What I can tell you is:
So many blessings to you, as we enter 2012, wow, what a year  this will be. I am blessed and honored to be entering this new space filled with infinite possibilities and to have the mastermind group and my clients to ride this amazing wave of joyful prosperity with.
Here are some photos of my recent trip to Barbados,a first class trip that exceeded all my expectations and connected me deeper with some people who are playing full out too…

May you release all that no longer serves you
and enter 2012 with a committed heart to
BEING YOURSELF and walking thru the fear…
so you too can live a first class life of love, joy and prosperity!
Deep love… Nan
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