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[VIDEO] Glow in the dark joy

By January 6, 2012Blog

My new year’s eve was all about GLOW IN THE DARK JOY!! I am so pleased that I have learned how to create my life on purpose… and that includes getting to do my two favorite things together on New Years Eve: be with my kids and family  AND  DANCE DANCE DANCE!!!
Here is a quick video of the glow in the dark fun we have with our kids… we have managed to find a place, where my kids want to go, and if family friendly, and yet you get to dance too!
The joy I feel when dancing is supreme, and the other thing I love, is the joy that everyone else in the room is feeling. This is an atmosphere of pure joy, full self expression and light! Life is all about these things.

While I was there I really focused on tuning in to the joy energy that is going on … the huge amount of positive vibration and pure joy that was being emitted by all these amazing beings. This helps me in many ways, and I want to share them so you can do the same when you are somewhere you love:

  • Life, money, happiness, purpose: it’s all about energy, so becoming aware of energy is key to creating the life you want
  • A key is to pay attention, become aware of how certain energies feel… like joy and the ones that lift you up
  • The more often you tune in to positive energies and notice how they feel to you, the easier it is to reproduce them at will
  • You want to be able to direct, and change your energy (feeling) any time you want, so practice the uplifting ones
  • YOU create your reality, YOU… so when you decide you want to feel great, feel  joy, feel strong, feel prosperous… you need a reference point to use with your mind to bring you into that vibration

Enjoy the happy video! RICH BLESSINGS of LIGHT and JOY to you in 2012!

In the video you will see a lot of glow in the dark, then the person with the hat and necklace is Chris, my partner and near the end the light up hair… that is me 🙂