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Money is not important

By January 13, 2012Blog

Money has become vital to life on this planet. It is part of the circulation of life force energy.. but it must circulate, and that is not happening much now. People are reacting from perceived LACK in their head, and living in fear of spending, or even making money. This is strange, because you cut off a vital source of life energy, not to mention the best way to be free after freeing your mind. Money gives us the ability to live life fully expressed and free to do what we want, and that is the way it is meant to be. There is no shortage… only in the mind… and money is very important to living your Soul purpose live.

To go around saying or believing that money is not important is silly … and frankly, a lie… and if you are living this lie, you are probably broke. In fact, money is now the #3 top thing needed to survive, much less thrive, right after air and water. You need money to buy food, and even water now too sometimes.

Be real for a minute. Step out side the money story that is blazing in your head and all the false opinions and beliefs you got from your family and others… and think. What can money do for you? With your vision and desire, what you can create is limitlessness… what impact you can have on the world and life here is infinite… and money can help you do that.

I am amazed at how many people still think or feel that money is not important
in fact, I know you are the kind of person who truly desires to discover and live your Soul Purpose and expand your Spirituality into your whole life… and you are probably having inner conflict over money…especially if you were fed beliefs that said “money is bad, or in short supply, or not spiritual”.
Why do I wolr with people and especially business owners around thei money story, money beleifs, and relationship with money? Because if you do not transform that, you will struggle to make money and to have a business that feeds your Soul and your bank account.
If you are not making the money you desire, there is no other solution, PERIOD. You must transform how you feel and view money within, to have it without.
Money is important… it is one of the key relationships in your life. How is that relationship going? Is it loving, fulfilling, supportive and fun? Or is it filled with doubt, fear, suspicion and unreliable? you determine the tone of this relationship, so go take a look at your relationship with money…. if you said your life partner was not important, but you still wanted him/her around because they were handy, do you think they would feel loved, appreciated and want to stay?
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In the meantime…look at your beliefs and story you tell and live about money being important or not important at all. Where is it out of proportion and how is that affecting you.
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Remember just like a camera, you cannot take a photo (in your mind, create a picture of something) of a dark stormy day, and expect a sunny photo with a bright blue sky… and you never would expect that. However, many people are doing just that… they think negative, fearful and limiting things about money, they fear it, judge it and where it comes from, and complain about it… and the expect it to come running to them!