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Akashic Compass: Feeling good enough to receive

By January 21, 2012Blog

Today I am answering a question in writing. It is from a coaching client of mine who is now in the 2012 “Money Manifestation Method Mastermind”. After her High Income Hypnosis session the other day, she sent me an update.

She is reclaiming a part of her that has been suppressed for a long time. Many of us do this, because at some point as children we hear something that makes us think we are not good enough as we are. In her big update she asked this at the end:


 ” Nan…This is WAY important!!!  Thank you for seeing the Key & presenting it to me. Different topic:  Noticing that I may have a block to receiving out right large quantity gifts.  Would like to undo that.  Want to keep all avenues of receiving open.  Any insight?  Thanks Nan!!!  Love YOU!  And loving all of your material.  More later, Super day to you, Denise”


Receiving: let go of guilt, recognize it was given to you and there is no point to guilt, it simply drains and depletes… it is not from God. Intend that your ability to receive opens as you connect more to your True self…

TRUTH: Everything has already been given to you… now you can say yes, and stay connected to God’s truth and not other
people’s opinions. In fact begin to see others as fellow beings on a journey to their real self too, and therefore you may find help, love and comfort, but their opinion never, ever takes priority over the Truth… which is all you desire, need and will ever want is already here.. already given to you, think if this as literally as you can.
Then receiving isn’t about taking, or not leaving enough for others or greed.. it’s about accepting what is already here for you. In fact, if you think of when someone gives you a gift… and if you say’ no, I don’t want it’, and reject it, or leave it on the doorstep and do not take it into the house. Does that make sense?
How would that make the other person feel? Now you think it is just about you, you are not worthy enough to receive, it, or you have been programmed to feel guilty when you are given something because you did not ‘work hard’ for it, or in some other way feel you do not deserve it.
That is all happening inside you. That is all your feelings about yourself, it has nothing to do with the other person, or the gift. They have no idea why you do not want it.
Or perhaps you were taught, as I was, it was rude to reject a gift and to say thank you, even if you do not like it.
So then you take it, feel guilty and most likely do not use it.

** You do not serve, help, uplift, empower or enrich anyone or anything by acting as if you are not worthy or good enough. No matter what you were told as a child, you cannot take from anyone else and there is more than enough. If you really want to make an impact on the world, enrich your life and those you love, and give to the greater good… ACCEPT & RECEIVE all you need or desire is here already… and then go find it with conviction!

Receiving is an action. It is something that happens within you.. because you are the only one who has the ability to accept or reject it.

Learning to receive, or opening to receive is actually accepting you have been given everything already, and you are not choosing to feel worthy enough to see it, enjoy it, use it, share it. The size does not matter. The way it comes does not matter. It is yours already.

When something is given to you, it is a sign you deserve it. In fact, there is nothing you do not deserve, that is someone’s opinion who told you that as a child. And they came from the same belief and do not receive well themselves.
Shift to accepting what the Universe has already given you… whether it is clarity on your purpose or business, money, clients, friends, trips, ideas… it is ALL here for you… and YOU are the only one who can stop it.

Where can you receive more, and joyfully today? There are opportunities all around you right now!

Love, Nan

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