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Tips for a happy new year: wealth, virtue, harmony and longevity

By January 23, 2012Blog

Another energy shift to access and ride… the Chinese new year. This promises to be a very abundant year. What will make the difference? You taking back your power by mastering your mind.Today is also then new moon…take advantage in setting your intentions! Top tips below for a happy and prosperous new year

Year of the Water Dragon

“The Year of the Dragon is believed to bring the Four Blessings of the East – wealth, virtue, harmony and longevity.
The year is expected to be dynamic and vibrant, with opportunities abounding.
Under the influence of the element of Water, this will be a yang year, flowing rather than stagnant.
But it will not necessarily mean positive developments all around, as all that energy may just as easily lead to major crashes for those who do not augur well with the elements.”
-Doreen G. Yu, the Philippine Star

The New Moon

The New Moon is a time for new beginnings and sowing seeds of creation.
Think about what you would like to consciously manifest this next year and
set your intentions today during the new moon and Chinese New Year”
Tips for making this your best  year yet!
  1. DECIDE: a decision is the most powerful and magical of actions. It happens within you , and once committed to, completely within, a decision is a turning point that changes all within and around you.
    Without a real decision, nothing happens, nothing changes. Make a real decision to do whatever it takes to make this a year of full expression, joy purpose and prosperity.
  2. BE Aware of Opportunities: They are ALWAYS there for you… so with the extra added energy of “opportunities abounding” it’s time to beleive they are there, and take action on them…even if you feel fear or doubt. Fear is not Spirit speaking, it is your beleif in lack and it holds you back.
  3. WEALTH: Make your wealth goals in alignment with the ‘vibrant and dynamic” energy of the moment. Let go of what anyone else told you was possible for you and your income, and choose riches based on your true innere desires, given to you by the Divine.
  4. Choose YOUR Flow: Instead of ‘going with the flow”… it’s time to step out and choose what your flow is. You will succeed in these fast times, if you begin to live, choose and decide form your true nature, and let go of what anyone else has ever told you. It is all opinons. All thatmatters is between you and Source. You cannot hear or feel it though, if you are still trying to match someone else’s flow. You are designed to like what you like, and be good at what you lvoe, because of a REASON. Accept it and get to living the life your Soul intended!
  5. Master Your Mind or crash: We are so blessed to be here at such a time of massive shifts and possibilities. It means ANYTHING is possible for you, no limits. Are you willing to beleive that, or are you going to stay stuck to your story of lack, not good enoughness and fear of disapproval? It’s INSTANT MANIFESTION Time and “all that energy may just as easily lead to major crashes” … it is more important than ever to master your mind and direct your day and your mind on purpose.

Enjoy this audio as a way of getting on trackNan Anmswers Burning Questions on Money and Buisiness and Manifesting.