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Do you do this ‘lack attractor’?

By January 30, 2012Blog

I want you to be informed… you have to know how damaging this is to your financial flow, your business growth and your ability to step into the life you most want. So stop whatever you are doing right now, please and listen…

[headline_georgia_medium_centered color=”#000000″]Are you blaming others for your decisions and outcomes?[/headline_georgia_medium_centered]

I have shared with you many times how powerful a decision is. It is a turning point. It is a breakthrough. It is a pivotal moment when you have a chance to step up … to the next level of your life, income and fulfillment in your mission.

BUT… decisions are not really decisions if we are just kind of wishing, hoping or saying we want the change. That holds no power. A real decision is

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  • Convicted
  • ‘No matter what’
  • No looking back… doubt… second guessing

Only when you make a decision, do you open up those ‘invisible’ doors, uplevel our awareness, and see the opportunities all around you for what you want…right now. Only then do you see the money you need…take the action you must… face the fears you resist.

Here is something many many people do, and we have all done at some point I am sure. However… you really have to STOP! Seriously, right now.. for some very real, Bank Balance Affecting-real world reasons.

Follow me for a minute, because this Truth, will truly set you free, and
open you to the flow if income you seek.

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  • You cannot use your innate power to create anything, even money, if you BLAME anyone else for anything in your life.
  • When you blame someone else for a decision you made, for any reason whatsoever, you GIVE AWAY YOUR POWER.
  • Without your power, you can’t direct the results you want, because you have MADE it impossible by blaming.
  • When you blame someone else for a RESULT (or lack of one) you got, for any reason whatsoever, you GIVE AWAY YOUR POWER
  • NO ONE Else has any way to impact your results, YOU are the SOLE Responsible CAUSE for ALL your RESULTS.
  • When you actively blame others for your poor results, IT’S OBVIOUS you are playing VICTIM & that attracts more things to feel victimized by.
  • BOTTOM LINE: If you blame anyone else for anything, you keep yourself stuck, poor, miserable and powerless.  PERIOD.


It really is time to grow up. To grow bigger than blame… and ReClaim your power and make your life happen.

[text_bar_1 background=”#444444″ + width=”100%”]All the time you waste complaining, pointing fingers, feeling sorry for yourself and penny pinching is cutting off your flow and YOU WILL NEVER BE RICH. NEVER.[/text_bar_1]

Your experiences are reflections of you. If  feel ripped off… where are you holding back?…Where are you trying to get something for nothing... Where are you ripping others and yourself off? If you are blaming someone else for your lack of results… where do you have a pattern of a lack of results? Where do you  feel not good enough? Why do you think it is safer to stay in lack than own your abundance? Where are YOU Stopping in your manifestation? It can ONLY be in you, there is no other way.

From now on own your decisions, make solids ones you support and stick by, and then do what you need to do to get the results you want. Own your results, learn from them and keep moving forward… when you stop to complain, you interrupt the flow, look at what you do not want and make lots more of it.

YOU Control the RESULTS you GET. There is No One Else!