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There’s never a shortage of Money, there’s only a shortage of…

By February 23, 2012April 5th, 2022Blog

There are only two things that there is a shortage of when it comes to money. Any amount of money you desire is available to you, literally. I have shared how much the Universal Manifesting law of Polarity is a foundation to understand this… you would not even have the idea you want something if it wasn’t already here.

  • Do you think you can’t do the things you want to because you do not have enough money?

  • Do you make decisions based on how much money you perceive you have?

  • Do you believe there is no way for you to buy something high priced, even if you really want it?

  • Do you stop looking for a way to make what you want to happen because you can’t see ‘how’ it will happen or you have never done it before?

You are living from a lie.

There is NEVER a shortage of money… for anyone, for any reason… 

there’s ONLY ever a shortage of…

So the next time you are presented with an opportunity… and they are all around you right now… ways to bring you what you desire… STOP!

  • DO NOT MAKE THE DECISION BASED ON MONEY … 97% of people do this

  • Do not make an important decision based on lies… what only our 5 senses can see

  • There’s always enough money to do what you decide, you may not know where it is or how to find it, but it is there

  • Notice: people always find the money for what they really want

  • Make your decision from your Spirit, heart, and your own vision… not by something your limited beliefs and senses tells you

There is NEVER a shortage of money, there’s ONLY ever a shortage of Willingness and Ideas.

If you were willing to do whatever it took to make your dream come true, build your passionate purpose business,  find the money you need or want… you would find it, you would have it, be it, do it. If you were completely convicted to get your goal and live it… you would never stop looking for ideas on how to make it happen.

The money is not the problem. The clients are not the problem. The only problem is whether you are willing to let go… or pay… put in the time… learn the skill… have the conversation… whatever is necessary.

If you are willing you keep finding new ideas… you never stop, you don’t take no, you look for another way, you keep the faith and never stop. One thing I help my clients do is find money. See where there is money, and opportunity right now in their lives. They learn to see, think and BE differently.

They consciously begin to change their money story. All of it starts with the idea and the willingness to follow it until you succeed.

Next time make the decision you want… and then go find the way to make it happen, find the money, the time… be willing and watch you life open up around you! BE: Ready and Willing….