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Divine turning point a success story you can relate to

By March 1, 2012Blog

Celebrate with me… it is a very deep, sacred and important thing to celebrate… it is the freeing of the human Spirit! The beginning of Mastery over money and mind… which is Freedom. Let me tell you about a woman who decided she was worth it and found more then the money she wanted, within 3 weeks for what she wanted to do.

It’s a tale about manifestation. It’s a tale about choosing to beleive, see, and act. It is taking your true power…to create… an using it with faith and fervor.

The freeing of the human spirit is that moment when a person steps up, says “I’m not going to take it anymore. I want something new, something more. I AM something more. I have more within me to give and I know  I can Transform Lives”.

It is that moment when the desire to be yourself…to know your potential, to let go of what everyone else every said to you, about you or about what is possible.
This is that moment… for you… you are searching, asking for an answer… and it is here. As sure as the sun rises , it is here, as close as the next word from your lips, it is here, as close as the back of your hand… turn it over… the answer is here.

I love the word, the idea of the feeling of Bliss. I think this part of what keeps me reaching for more, following my dream, nurturing myself along … achieving that moment when you become aware… you let the money in, you see the opportunity and step into it, you decide and stick with it, you let go and bravely take the next step.. into the mist.

I want to take you on a journey over the next week.. a journey into the mist. The mist of the unknown. The part  of your business, money relationship, life…that you are not sure what to do next. You want change but keep getting the same results. You have made great advances in your business, but are in a plateau and want to burst through to the next level of income and what is possible…. or you are having success and not feeling prepared, worthy, able to keep up…

Wherever you are in building your business, brand, persona… you are ready to step up to a new level of Being, more money, clients and fun… something inside you is yearning for more. You are Being called for more, and you know you want it… but you don’t know how, or you are afraid… to lose, to fail, to be judged or rejected.

You are at a Divine Turning Point.

Listen to this story and you will begin to get on your path to freedom and wealth.

This is what I call a Divine Turning Point, and I want to share with you the true story of a brave woman who just had a moment of Bliss…
First imagine a woman, kind of like you perhaps, who has a business doing what she loves, but there is not enough business…clients, money. Unsure about how to market herself, afraid more times than not to do the things she did know to do to get more business (call stores or clients)… she kept busy and loved her craft, but felt frustrated and unfulfilled.
With her money fears and beliefs from her past and her family pulling at her saying “it’s hard to make money doing what you love”, and other concerns she wasn’t able to get past some kind of inner block or fear and get her business and income to match her vision, her desire.

She decided one day, in a moment of Spiritual Clarity (Bliss) that she wanted to do something about it, and wanted to join my mastermind. This is for dedicated entrepreneurs, solo or otherwise, who want to create a bigger impact in their bank account, their clients lives and theirs and to have their business help more people, often globally.

So I am going to tell you about her story from ‘I want this next step but…. I don’t know how to find the money or what I would do. I’ve never invested in myself at this level, but I know I want to and it is the next best step” to having her deposit complete in about 3 weeks… and finding more than what she needed (because of applying what she was leaning.. she was inspired to think bigger nd look for more, and it was there! SO she not only found her $3000 deposit.. she found about $1500 more!

Think about it, this is all money that was ‘Already here”… like i teach…. but she didn’t know how to think, how to see, what to do, Who to BE… in order to become aware of it.

And who she became in the process is more empowered, more confident, more energetic and enthusiastic… stronger and  willing to do it and get  the rewards of living her vision.

Imagine how you would feel if you decided on a goal, let go of any excuses holding you back, and let me show you the money to make it happen?

What would that skill, that vision, that ability be worth to you? To be able to see money and opportunity where it is whenever you need it? To know there is a way to make any dream you have happen… To be able to direct your mind where it needs to b e to get the results you want… not the ones you don’t!

So stay tuned. Come back tomorrow where I will tell you her whole story and in the meantime leave a comment below on anytime you wanted to step up but were afraid… or didn’t know how to make it happen, or how to get the money.

Ready to see the money?
So this woman started with only $200 towards a $3000 deposit.  With no idea of where or how she would find the money, she was willing to bet on herself.  I began to show her how to see the money, how to think differently, how to apply Universal Truth to her situation … TO BE Continued …