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A ‘how to find the money’ success story

By March 2, 2012Blog

I help entrepreneurs become aware of who to BE and how to see, in order to make and keep more money and a make a global impact with their message.

In order to step into your potential and learn what it takes to build a successful, lucrative and Soul Satisfying business you have to learn to  Conceive of the money needed to make your dream come true… first then look for it without hesitation and fear. You decide ‘no matter what”. You will want to hire the coaches, marketing help, assistants and whatever else you will need now or in the future as you grow and build your business.

Instead of letting opportunities and help pass you by, you need to be able to THINK differently and MANIFEST the money (or other requirements) to make it happen. You have to DECIDE you want it and then go find a way to make it happen. I heard people say they put coaching ahead of buying gas and groceries… I would tell you that person will succeed… they have a will. I did.

So when someone steps up and says “I am willing to do what it takes” I help them create a plan to find the money. I help them understand the perspective and mindset they need to adopt and ‘how’ to look at the situation.We make a plan based on their exact circumstances

This process has the ability to completely change your world.. how you see things… what you beleive is possible. If you take the steps in faith and keep moving through your subconscious fighting to keep you in doubt and fear (creating chaos and drama).

Imagine how you would feel if you made the leap of faith and manifested an extra $4500 in a month!

Starting with $200 down, and a willingness to look honestly at how she had been looking at things and follow my instructions, she began her search. It as a journey into anger and fear from the past, expressing  long held in emotions. It was miraculous and magical interactions, meetings and persistence paying off. Once she broke a pen journaling her true feelings and letting go of the past. One day she would be walking on air feeling like miracles happen every day…and then some days she wanted to hide from the whole thing altogether. Maybe you can relate?

The key to her success? She kept going.

“Yesterday was wonderful. It’s funny, before we talked, I kept thinking that the money had to come from one location, one person, one sale, etc. It seems so silly now to have tried to limit my possibilities that way”

She realized how she limited her expectations and possibilities… so she then went past them and was persistent to keep going to get the result she wanted. She noticed how she would let having to look for papers or find a new way to make a payment slow her down… so she picked up the pace and determination and break through. She even realized after finding the next $1000 within about a week, that she was only intending to find the deposit… so she shifted her awareness again and then demanded (manifesting secret) that she STILL wanted to find $3000. It worked!!! She ended up finding more sources for the money than she expected and will have over $1500 extra!

After one payment was challenging to get to go through she said “What was awesome though, is that it set my resolve to make it happen even more. It feels soooooo good to have made that payment.”
“Just wanted to share the wonderful evening I had last night. I’ll start by saying, that somehow yesterday I was money confident. Knowing that all I want is here… then she met some shop owners  (Remember $$ comes through People!)…

It all seemed so natural. I am delighted. I’m getting it. Because, last night, it wasn’t about the money, it was about sharing my love, my designs, my passion with others. I’ve heard you and other speakers talk about this, and I so have wanted to know what this means – sharing my passion. Last night I truly experienced it. Wow.”

After another lazer session she sent me this email: Subject line ‘I Kid you not’. ” within one minute of getting off the phone with you, I got a special order for a bracelet. Wow! Yay!”

“Thanks so much for everything. I love this process of breaking out!!!!”

As she saw results, it spurred her momentum. She often had to face a fear, think about something she was avoiding and be aware of what she was thinking… but the breakthroughs began to come more quickly the more she decided to be herself. As she focused on finding the money, it uncovered other emotions that had to be released. The process clears the way.

I had another breakthrough last night…  Most importantly, I finally let my self FEEL all of this. And what do you know, today I had so much clarity and things are falling into place. I can’t believe how easy it was to talk with the women at the boutique. It was awesome, I told them my prices with confidence and they even said, these are really great prices!!!!!!
Once again, thank-you for your awesomeness. I am so excited about sending you more money!!!! Its true, when you ask for it, it comes.”

Why did she succeed in finding the money she wanted not only to join my mastermind, but extra, and in only 4 weeks, with lazer coaching ? She decided and kept going ,even when she had down days. She stayed connected to what she wanted next and this was the opportunity for her and she paid attention… applied and did what I told her.. she was willing to feel uncomfortable, think in a new way… see it differently, be seen, beleive in her dream.

What did she do that you can’t do? Nothing!

The real question is: What would you do? When given an opportunity to change your fate… do you step up and walk through the fear… or do you go back to the ‘safe, but uncomfortable’ zone and stay stagnant and restless?

Many people try… most stop somewhere and go back to playing small and letting fear of Being bigger than they ever have… and it’s too bad… because when you do this, you know you can do anything, and this is just the beginning.

Imagine how much easier and faster she will manifest money for the next thing she wants and needs… imagine how strong and capable she feels. Imagine what she will be able to do now she can get the full support of the mastermind and Hypnosis with me… she’s going to soar… but it would not be happening if she had not chosen to walk through her doubts and fear and insist, “there has to be a way”!

Stay tuned this week as I share more about stepping up and how to find your money. I will take you through some more case studies on people, including me, who have manifested the money they want and need and more all through stepping into BE-ing a new, Wealthy person.

Please leave a comment below… I love to hear what you need and feel