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Akashic Compass: Answers Not taking the next step cuz can’t see how

By March 3, 2012Blog

I do not take the next step… even when I see the opportunity right in front of me…
even when I know it is the answer to my prayers. I cannot get myself to say yes and
take action when I do not see how I can do it.”
K.M., Atlanta


If you ‘Do not see how’ to do something, you usually stop. If you do not know in the moment  how you will pay for it, find time for it, or follow through on it… you are programed to Stop. You were taught to  be cautious and careful, think things through, not make rash decisions and ‘there are consequences’ .. but what was really underneath that?

“don’t embarrass me”    “don’t look stupid, you will get criticized”  “If I do this and do not get the results I want the pain will be unbearable”… what pain? Loss? Rejection? Looking foolish? Wanting something with all your being and feeling like you won’t ever get it?

Even bigger is who you will ‘be’. When you have decided and acted no matter what result you get, you will be a new person, with new knowledge, experience and strength.

I talk to people all the time who really need and want a change. But this exact thing stops them. They can’t see “How to make it happen or pay for it”… so they STOP… and stay stuck. There is no growth there and stagnation sets in…

How you are going to get from where you are today… to living the lifestyle you most desire, have a fulfilling and lucrative business and impact the world is actually irrelevant.

Yes, it can be done in many different ways… everyone finds their purpose, passion  and wealth through a different venue or focus.YOUR HOW and MY HOW are never the same. So the how has to come through you AFTER you make a decision. Then you begin to think differently, where, when, how, who… your mind begins to search for the answers… and it will find them.. unless you stop.

How you are going to be able to find the money to hire a coach is only an important question IF and WHEN you actually DECIDE to hire one. Otherwise it is as silly s asking the address of the number 7! This is information you do not need and so you do not look for it, think about it, seek it out. Your ‘awareness of how’ is not activated yet.

Did You know HOW To KISS before you KISSED?

But if you stopped everything you have ever done because right now you do not know how you will do it…  you would not have had your first kiss… because you did not know how… No one knows how to kiss until they kiss… I tried to have a girlfriend explain kissing to me because I knew it was coming soon and i did not know how. I was terrified of looking foolish and I was very aware I had no experience at it, no idea what it felt like or what I would do .

So I didn’t know how I was going to find a boyfriend, or how to kiss… but it didn’t mean I spent my life not kissing!

What I did know was… I wanted it!! That was all I needed to know, to keep going… even though I did not know how.

You are stopping yourself from taking any action and thereby getting the important feedback..results… from doing it… based on not knowing how to do it, without deciding you are going to do it. Nothing happens, no ideas come, no paths open up. You are not using your “Magic Wand” = DECISION.

[content_box_green width=”75%”]I hired a coach for almost as much as I had made the previous year.. I had NO IDEA HOW I WAS GOING TO DO IT…  PAY That amount of money or MAKE IT.  That was not important. The decision made a statement… it said “I WANT THIS. I am BEING this, so I can do and Have WHAT I WANT” and I DECIDED I was going to do it. That is ALL you have to decide.

Then I happily walked past another women who worked with this coach and told her what I did, and she said ” I did the same thing last year, and I had NO IDEA HOW I WAS GOING TO DO IT EITHER!”

Our businesses quadrupled.

Do you think we worry about how anymore? NO![/content_box_green]

Make a decision based on if it is something you truly want. Ask “will it move me towards my goals, will it empower me to  fulfill more of my potential?”

You do not know until you DO it… you do not have the end results until you DECIDE and ACT.

Do not let your 5 senses tell you what is true. If you do not see the money, decide and then commit to seeing it, finding it, uncovering it, and receiving it. Look only at the infinite flow where everything comes from.

When your next step appears… it WILL ALWAYS come with the solution. You will not offered  way to have your desires and then be denied it because there is not enough money. That is ridiculous, but this is the way you are seeing things. Your opportunity… whether it is a speaking event, or a chance to work with a coach who can help you get the results you want, or even a potential client to see… it does NOT COME WITH OBSTACLES. IT COMES WITH WAYS TO MAKE IT HAPPEN.

You are asking to see and know things you cannot know until you decide and do it. No one can. Get used to it and DO IT!

So you have to give up wanting to know ‘how’. The most you will most likely ever know is the next step.. maybe 2 or 3… but each step you take reveals a new level of awareness… new opportunities… so it is an ever expanding.

All life is here for your good. You want it, the way to make it happens shows up, the supply is there. Your choice is not ‘how’, that is not involved in the decision, it comes AFTER the decision. For now decide if you want it or not. If you really want it, you will find the how and it will appear to you… that is the beautiful design of the Universe… for you and for all!

You cannot see the next step in a maze or labyrinth, but you know if you follow the path, it will led you there. Follow your path. Take the turning point that come along, Decide for you, for more, for life.