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What’s the story you want your life to tell

By March 15, 2012Blog
What’s the best story you ever read? When you think about it, why is it you loved it? What kept you rushing to read it as soon as you had time?
All great stories have certain elements… think about it… the heroine has a desire.. a passion deep inside that pushes her…. then she finds something or someone that fills this desire… then she loses it… and goes deep into her own darkness…
pain, fear, self inquiry… but what always happens then?
She gets some kind of guidance, or help and this gives her the DIRECTION and realizations that she needs… and then she has an “AHA”… and finds a strength, a power within her to drive her to take back her power, let go of her shame and go after what she really wants… and gets it.
The most important moment in the story is this moment… when she surrenders the pain, fear and self punishment and DECIDES she is not going to take it, she will get her dream and she no longer cares what anyone thinks and re claims her good.
This cannot happen until she CHOOSES to face anything, let go of anything, and face anything to get what she wants, to make it right. Only she can make this happen, only she drives the story… no one else can do it for her. No one else can tell her what is right… and she has to get to the point where she no longer is willing to live by others rules and opinions and fear and she lets go caring what others say or think, only what she knows in her own heart.
And we root her on, we beleive in her, we want her to succeed and win. We do not judge her for her perceived mistakes, faults or fear… we cheer her on and send our love and energy into seeing her get what she most desires.
Your life is a story. Your business is a story. All your relationships are stories. Your money tells a story all about what you beleive, think of yourself, and what you are worthy of. But it isn’t your story.
Well… you arethe heroine in it, yes… but the story that you live is not based in Universal Truth and laws. It isn’t coming from your full potential. It is the story you were told as a child about what was possible or not for you. It’s someone else’s opinion, and it’s not based in Truth either.

Your story is full of opportunities and challenges to strengthen you, to give you courage, wisdom, and lead you to fulfill your highest potential.
When you tune into your Divine desire that is burning inside you, it is telling you what is next, what is best for you… not anyone else. If you are ready to grow your business past 6 or 7 figures, then the way to make it happen is already here for you. But if you are not growing fast enough, then you are listening to someone else’s story and it is holding you back.

The good news is… you can FLIP YOUR SWITCH! Because whether  it feels like it or not, YOU are WRITING the story…   You can literally re-write where your story is going next… and when you learn how to do it, and see where you have limited your potential… you can change and grow FAST!

I know… I have done it, many times… I have built 5 business in the last 28 years… all based on what I love and several in 6 and 7 figures. I have re-written my story after low self esteem from verbal and emotional abuse. I have re-written my story again after my daughter died, and losing all faith in a higher power. I have re-written my story after losing all I had in a Divorce.
I have become an expert in rising again from the ashes, making the big comeback, taking back my power and creating major TURNING POINTS where I stopped living from the story I was given, and decided to write my own.
What story do you want your life to tell? Is it telling it now? Are you Being who you really want to be?
What story is your business telling? Is it making an impact? Is it giving clients solutions that make a difference? Is it reaching as many as you really want? Is it providing you with the lifestyle you desire?
What story is your money telling? Is it giving you freedom to be yourself, and go, do and have what you most love? Is it uplifting lives and unlocking possibilities?
If not it’s time to pause…  Ask yourself: What would I need to Be, think and believe to be experiencing the life of my most secret, sacred dreams?
Watch for my ALL NEW Guided Audio I am going to GIVE YOU… to help you stop living someone else’s story and start powerfully writing your own.
Please leave a comment and share where you are in your story and what it is telling… deep insights are there!