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What Money Miracle would you choose?

By May 2, 2012May 8th, 2012Blog

What Money Miracle would be the most important in your life or business right now?

Please comment below on which of these Money Miracles you would choose first, after I show you how to manifest money on demand.

‘I want to create a Money Miracle in my life. Nan is going to show me how. I get to pick anything I want… I choose’:

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    • Create a CASH Infusion into your business now to jumpstart it
    • Starting your own business with clients and profits your very first month
    • Accelerate your monthly income to $10,000 or more
    • Getting an influx of Ideal new clients in the next 2 weeks (know where, how to talk to them & sign them up with ease)
    •  Charging what you are worth while feeling confident and authentic
    • Break the Patterns and Beliefs that limit you and hold you back
    • Know exactly WHAT TO DO NEXT to See, Find and Step into Money Opportunities all around you now
    • Break the cycle of ‘not enough $” & start living in ‘more than enough $”: create consistent income you can trust
    • Get a raise, promotion, award or recognition
    • Hiring a coach to support you and decrease your time to profits and fun and have support you need to succeed
    • Knowing how to  increase your monthly income step by step... $5000… $8000… $10,000… $20,000…
    • Get a month of High Income Hypnosis with me to clear those inner blocks  to doing what you love and getting paid
    • Talking to clients with calm confidence and signing up 60-80% or more
    • Getting a high paying client who appreciates and values you which increases your confidence and your bank account
    • Hiring help so you can focus on what you love and spreading your message far and wide
    • Being able to help your help family, friends, community, church, charity, globally financially …


  • Break free from the fears and feelings of not being good enough with money
  • Making enough money to send your kids to college 
  • Having a step by step system to create a cash infusion for growing my business, taking a trip or buying a house, or….
  • Paying off my debt and feeling good about managing money
  • Breaking my old patterns of rollercoaster income and having peace of mind of reliable income every month
  • Being able to help your help family, friends, community, church, charity, globally financially …

I want to show you how to manifest money, for anything you desire, anytime, in any amount. I know that money touches almost all parts of our lives, and needs to be mastered, not feared, because it causes divorce, health issues, depression, self esteem issues and more.  

[headline_georgia_small_left color=”#000000″]Please put your Money Miracle you want me to show you how to create in the COMMENTS BELOW… use one I listed or tell me yours… I really want to know![/headline_georgia_small_left]

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