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Akashic Compass: How do I stop an up & down pattern with Money?

By May 5, 2012Blog

Today I answer in an audio, just click the link and listen or download… and please leave a comment below!!

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” Please help! I am an intelligent and capable woman, yet somehow when it comes to money, I just can’t keep a consistent amount coming in. I am sick and tired of repeating this pattern over and over… it’s been going on most all my life! It is always around money. I never used to focus on money, I thought if I focused on what to do , and did it, the money would follow… but I see now it’s just not true. I can get ahead, but only for so long, then things slip back again and I find myself staring at a bank account that is running out. Can  you help me end this frustration?” R. Beatty Fla.

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