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God wants you to be rich

By May 30, 2012Blog

I just wanted to send you a quick note today and remind you of something you may have forgotten…

“God wants you to be rich”

It’s true! Source… Spirit.. all that is is…  Creator of everything… gave you the Desires that you have gave you the feelings you have to want the things you want. There is nothing wrong with what you want.

In fact the things you really want, what you are probably denying yourself…it’s what The Universe wants you to have  and to do!    Why?

Because if you follow your desires, they are a Map that will lead you to become the fullest potential that you are. Living in to your vision and dreams. You will be more satisfied and fulfilled, you’ll be able to create more… help more people, serve in a bigger way… live a life full of what makes you feel alive… grow and challenge you.
You were designed to have all that you need , to do all that you desire, to be all that you can be.STOP! close your eyes, breathe in deep, and say to yourself

“The Universe WANTS me to have what I want!”
Feel it all around you… all of life is standing there saying  “Please… we want you to have it! How can we help?”…

Think about that… the most powerful loving force that exists wants you to have what you want.
Really feel that… it is astounding!

If you were like me, you were trained growing up that you can’t have what you want...  maybe you can have what you need… maybe you can have what you want for a little bit, but you can’t keep it… that’s selfish.

I was so ingrained with this that as an adult I still felt like I was doing something wrong when I got what I loved and wanted… I felt like I had to hide my real desires, because I was doing something wrong being happy and someone would take it away!!
Maybe you were told you were not smart enough, or good enough to have what you want…or to accept what you have, it’s all you can hope for…
it’s all a lie!!God wants you to be rich… The Universe wants you to be happy  Source wants you to have what you want… your solution is already here… the money is already here…

People are proving it daily in my world… $3000… $300… $18,000…every day.

“The Universe is friendly to you/your plans” Wallace Wattles

Believe it.

Love, Nan

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