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Embrace the suck

By June 21, 2012Blog

One member of my Mastermind just increased her income/sales in her business 71% in one week…

here’s the thing…
  • she is not a super rock star sales person
  • she has big fears around money and worthiness (like most people)
  • she started out with only $300 to get into the program!
  • she was willing to ‘Embrace the suck”
She has a secret ingredient… High Income Hypnosis ™ coaching
So here’s my question to you… what is stopping you?... if she can do it…
so can you!
So what is “Embrace the suck”? 
It’s a key secret to success… and it means this:
You are not here to be perfect… you are here to be YOU. When you stop trying to be what others  want you to be, and stop focusing on and being embarrassed by your ‘weaknesses’... you free yourself to BE Excellent at what you love and thrive!
Accept that the first time… or the first 50 times you do something (like Client conversations, speaking in public or coaching high paying clients)  is the WORST YOU WILL SUCK AT IT... but by doing it, you are getting better, creating momentum and getting experience.
And you get better…So my clients get to increase their sales by 70%, increase their prices by 40%, have 6 figure days and
fill their first high end programs… because they are willing to “Embrace the suck”… do it even when they know they are not great at it yet… and they get RESULTS!
High Income Hypnosis… it can be your secret ingredient too!
PS How would it feel to be in her shoes… from belief it was not possible…. to facing her fears, changing her money story and
manifesting something as amazing as a 71% increase! It’s stunning… unless you know the secret ingredient…
High Income Strategy & Hypnosis ™. What do  you want to increase?