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This week I Reveal the Top 4 High Income Secrets

By June 25, 2012Blog

What is “High Income” and how do you get it in your life?

One of the reasons why my particular deep lasting form of hypnosis is called High Income Hypnosis™ and I am a high income strategist because this is what I do with my clients is help them see where they’re not getting that inflow in their life and how to strategize to get it whether it includes hypnosis, finding the invisible blocks, marketing, clarity on packaging, pricing, changing your relationship with money – all these things go into strategizing how to open yourself to the truth of who you are: a high income person ready to step into your high income potential.

So this week, I’m gonna take you through a series of what I call high income secrets and show you what high income means and how you can begin to become aware of and open to the high income that’s already around you in your life.

So let’s start with income. What is that mean income? Well, incoming is what coming in to your life and what is coming into your life. What you have put out, what you believed, what you spend most of your time thinking, feeling and doing, these is what determines what’s coming into your life on every level. So this your income to be the support in the form of help from people, loving family or spouse or partner. It could be income of ideas and opportunity. It could be income knowledge. It could be an income of money or other forms of wealth.

So what you need to start with is that what’s coming in to your life, therefore what are the experience you’re having and the results you’re having is a direct reflection of who you are being and what you’re putting out. It’s the law of cause and effect, it’s the give and receive cycle and it’s a law of physics. So I wanna walk you through four secrets this week, on what will help you clear your blocks and understand that whatever it is you desire the best, the highest, the creme de la creme is already here for you. I always start with the law of polarity, that means if you have a desire and need, and you decide you want that, the way to make it happen has to be here. The field of abundance around you is full of every opportunity and positivity that you need. But here is the catch; you have to become aware of it. You have to decide to believe it before you see it and you have to step into it. We have to take action aligned with the right thinking and feeling, in order to get feedback that we can then tweak, and change and shift and take the next step.

An image I like to share with my clients is that you’re standing at the bottom of a staircase and at the top of that staircase is your goal, is your desire, is the thing you want the most right now. You can see it because you’ve decided what it is. You can see it in your mind; you know what it would feel like to have it and you’re now willing to take action into the world to manifest it, to make it a part of your day- to-day reality. In order to manifest it, you have to expand your belief and become aware.

[headline_georgia_small_left color=”#000000″]Allow your mind and your eyes to see it.[/headline_georgia_small_left] Every step you take towards that goal is one step up on that staircase. It may feel like a failure to you, it may seem like a breakdown, it may seem the minute you step on this path chaos breaks lose all over the place. But that’s okay, because you’ve taken a step forward, you can’t take a step back. If you don’t choose and you don’t decide and you stand there powerless, you began to move backwards. Nature is growing and thriving or shrinking and dying, so get clear on what you want.

And when I say high income, I mean the best of the best, more than you could possibly ever imagine at this time because there’s more than enough for you and you’re not taking from anyone else to have what you want. You need to embrace your high potential by believing in yourself and accepting yourself.

So on this journey this week together, take a step by sitting down and defining who you think you are. Create your poor girl and wealthy woman list. If you’ve done it before… do a new one. See where you are now. Draw a line down the center of the page, write poor girl on the top of one side and wealthy woman on the other. Any thought or feeling or fear or doubt that based in lack (cause fear and lack is always a lie) to write down on the poor girl side and then you consciously and intentionally choose the abundant side and focus on it… the truth’s side, the high income side. What would you think?
What would you feel if you were truly embodying the wealthy woman or man within you? You deserve the best! You are the best, you are created to be the best you! There is no one else that can be you, it sounds like a cliché but it’s true. But if you’re living what other people told you, you should what or you could do or if you’re playing small because you are not able to really own your worthiness and feel what you truly desire, you’re not gonna live a high income life, you’re gonna not allow a high flow of love, joy, support, fun, friends, clients, purpose, meaning, money, travel, wealth, whatever it is you want. You want peace, you want happiness, let it come in!

[headline_georgia_small_left color=”#000000″]This week I am your high income strategist, and we’re gonna strategize how to raise your income and live the high life you were meant to live.[/headline_georgia_small_left]

Please comment below on your “aha’s”(not sure of the word) let’s get the conversation going on here. And watch for the next installment tomorrow where I’m gonna reveal the first really juicy high income secret! I see the high income in you!

Love, Nan