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High Income Secret No.1

By June 27, 2012June 28th, 2012Blog

Reclaim your true role as Writer, Director, and Hero/Heroine


You are indeed the writer of your story whether it seems like other people and circumstances have written your story, have taken things away from you, have created things that are challenges for you indeed you are the one that wrote that story and you are the one directing the movie that you’re acting in as the hero/heroine. The problem is you don’t own the power and recognize that you are the one writing the story, directing the story and then acting it out. You have a story inside of you; the story says you’re not good enough, there’s not enough, you shouldn’t want more money, it’s their fault, and a million other things. You have other people inside of you – your family, your parents, your spouse, your boss, the kid in 5th grade that made you look stupid and you got embarrassed in front of everybody. And who knows else?  Who knows who else you’re carrying around?  You’re the only one who can change your story! And the way you do this is understanding who are you –you are the writer, the director and the hero/heroine.

You have to change what you believe about yourself and the story that you’re writing. You have to understand that you don’t know because what you think you know is 9.9 times out of 10 a lie that was passed on to you by some else. But the only thing that it took for that lie to become truth in your life is faith! You use the ability to choose and you gave faith to believe that. Maybe you did it to belong, maybe you did it to fit in, maybe you did it to be loved, liked or approved of, but your step in awareness now has to be changing the lie you believed about yourself, and then lies you believed about everyone else. I know if you’re reading this that you’ve heard probably a thousand times you have to take a 100% responsibility for yourself and your life. But why is it that we know this and doesn’t seem to be having the impact that it means. Because you don’t know what you don’t know! The story inside of you is a lie that’s self-perpetuating because it’s been going for so long.

You’re used to putting other people first and sacrificing yourself and caring for everyone else so you think it’s okay. But when you don’t have boundaries and you don’t own your power and you don’t decideand choose what you want and don’t let yourself actually feel your true desire and want them and own them, you’re living someone else’s story.  You have to own the power you have to re-write the story, to say cut – right now as the director and to stop as the hero/heroine of your story and look at where you are. The story is the same pattern, it’s the hero’s journey, it’s an archetype where are you in your journey. Are you at the pit of despair? Are you at the big comeback? Are you at the big a-huh the transformation, the magical moment?

Decide to write your story now, respect yourself enough! If other people are telling you what to do, what not to do, what you can have and what you can’t have, then they own your power. They’ve taken over the role of the author and the director and you’re an actor, you’re a puppet. And they don’t respect you, they think they know better, they want you to act to a certain way so you make them feel okay. You’re not here to do that! You have to affirm, I make my own choices and I take responsibility for my reality. However fabulous or horrible it may seem at the moment. We really don’t know where we are because what we think is a lie, what we were told isn’t the truth. Where is the truth? It’s inside of you!

The First high income secret is you have to take your power back in the area of knowing that the beliefs you’re operating from, that the truth the you were told is not truth. And if there’s a fear and doubt it’s not truth. And it’s no one else’s fault for any … life because they’re just a mirror for you. Everyone has the archetype of the victim. Why? Because there’s a power in it. It’s your ally to warn you when you’re about to compromise yourself, when you’re letting go of your power, when you’re giving it away. It’s there to warn you that you’re not supposed to take everybody else’s opinion and please anybody else. You’re supposed to think for yourself, decide what you’re next test step is based on the desires inside of you. And then speak up authentically knowing you’re worthy but you can’t do that when trying to please everyone else and when you’re afraid of what they will think, and if you’re afraid of looking foolish, being told no, being ejected. Stop looking outside yourself for approval and love, it’s already there! Look at where you are with the victim. Are you being empowered by these part of you that knows that feeling when you’re draining power, you’re not owning your truth, you’re passing up opportunities, you’re not being happy. You can allow the high flow of incoming energy abundance in the form of money, or clients, or love, or anything.

If you’ve given you’re power away to other people. Decide today to take it back and go on this journey, you need the courage and bravery of a warrior, you need the thought of owning your worthiness and wealth like the queen or king. And you need the wisdom of the mystique, the wizard, the priest, the priestess – those are within you, not outside of you. Stop blaming, complaining, feeling powerless and choose today. Write down my high income is behind that shadow, is behind that fear, is behind the story. Declare I’m no longer letting lies rule my life, I have one authority, I am choosing to be what I was created to be and I no longer choose or act by trying to get anything from anyone, there is nothing outside of me that I need. Instead you’re focusing on giving, but you have to give from a place that’s within you, not a place of desperation or neediness. When you need a client, when you need money, when you need approval, when you need to be liked, when you need to point the finger, when you need to blame, you have no power.  You have to be a powerful, big, grounded, centered-being, focused in your worthiness in order to attract high income and maintain it, keep it, grow it. If you add money to your current situation, you’re adding gasoline to a fire, more chaos.

I’ll see you tomorrow with high income secrets no.2.