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Your High Paying Dream Client is waiting

By August 2, 2012Blog
Are you tired of dealing with fear of charging your true value… especially when people say they love what you offer ‘but can’t afford it’?
Are you frustrated with the lack of self confidence when talking to clients, especially when it comes to the ‘money talk’?
Are you fed up with worrying about asking your dream clients to buy and if they will argue over your prices?

Then I’ve got good news for you…

I’ve got a special Bonus class happening TODAY that will increase your confidence and help you Get High Paying Dream Clients Now.

I’m going to give you High Income Hypnosis ™ audios to use over and over that will give you the Self love and confidence to FEEL GREAT while attracting ALL the high-paying clients you want – and put an end to dealing with clients who don’t value you, or can’t afford you – for good!

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How great will you feel when you Clear the Fear and re-program your mind for attracting all the high-paying clients you want – over and over?

I’m ready to show you the effective, lasting way to transform what stops you from finding, enrolling and enjoying your Dream Clients, so join me for this special class starting August 7th:

High Income Hypnosis(TM) Keys To Success Course
Clear the TOP 3 Fears to Attracting All the Dream Clients You Want Now:
Fear of Failure, Rejection and Charging Your Value”
and I am so excited about the bonus call today for anyone who is joining me 
“High Income Hypnosis(TM) for Increasing Confidence and Self Love”
Also through today you get $150 off or an EZ 3 Pay… what are you waiting for? Your dream clients are waiting for you!
PS You get all this for $150 off thru midnight tonight!
Melt the Fear Get the Clients! Includes

  • High Income Hypnosis(TM)  to get to the core of these 3 Deadly Fears:
    Your Fear of Failure
    Fear of Rejection
    Fear of Charging Your True Value
  • Audio recordings of all the Processes, classes and Hypnosis for you to use over and over.
  • How to attract more dream clients manual: 7 Steps to Filling your Funnel with Dream Clients
  • BONUS Call if you join before August 2:“High Income Hypnosis(TM) for Increasing Confidence and Self Love”
Isn’t it time you finally cleared the way to the #1 thing that will give you a thriving business?
Join me now!