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4 Tips in increasing Happiness and increasing income

By September 5, 2012Blog

I wanted to pass on some fascinating info I learned years ago…
that Happiness increases the amount of money you make… naturally!

How cool is that?

Yep… in fact studies show that Happy people make an average of $750,000 MORE in their life!

Now that is worth focusing on!

I mean think about it… what do you really want?
You want to be Happy… you want  to feel good, on purpose, appreciated,
doing what you excel at… and making all the money you desire…

Now, you know that by allowing yourself to be happy with who you are… you will
actually BE a magnet for money!

I believe that your Happiness is a vibration that attracts more Good… more abundance..
more life.

But Happiness is a conscious choice… it’s something you have to decide you deserve, and
you want ,and you will have no matter what!

Here’s 4 tips on increasing happiness now:

  1. Make a decison that you can and will be happy, no matter what happens around you.
  2. Recogize you have the power of CHOICE… the power to choose how you feel, and what you think something means… this is real power.
  3. Define what happiness is to you… how will it feel, what would you do.. then LOOK FOR IT.
  4. Make your own rule: I am a happy being that can maintain happiness no matter what happens around me.

This power will take you far, transform your life experience, open you to see more
opportunities and make your life a joyful journey rather than a heavy struggle!

Find a reason to be happy today… then spread it!