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What do you most want to know to be FREE?

By September 24, 2012Blog

I want YOU to tell me EXACTLY what you want to know to be FREE? What do I mean “FREE”? Look at the list below, and then leave a comment at the bottom… I am going to make 10 1-2 minute Video’s answering what you most want to know on how to live, Be and feel FREE… in all areas of your life!

FREEDOM is my # 1 value.. I want to feel free to be me, free to express myself authentically and powerfully… free to live my vision and passion, free to help as many people as I can, free to make as much money as I want… free to travel and live where I most desire, Free to go where I want, when I want and FEEL GREAT and ENJOY it!

My next live event is coming up in Dallas, November 10 & 11, at the 5 star Adolphus Hotel… and it is called “FREEDOM! LIVE! Free your mind, free your mission , free your money… and I am going to share a way for you to join me at a super special price and get to spend 2 days in luxury, raising your wealth consciousness soon…

Freedom is the ability to

  • Be yourself 100% without hesitation or fear of retribution
  • Do what you love… without compromise or fear of criticism or loss
  • Make as much money as suits your desired lifestyle… without guilt or shame
  • Go where you want, When you want, for as long as you want, with whomever you want
  • Share your gifts, talents and Vision with a strong voice, clear focus and no hiding

WHAT IS STOPPING you from feeling and living FREE?

Leave your comment below and I will make a video tip answering the top most common and powerful questions..

here are a few to get you thinking:

Why can’t I see my whole Vision/purpose?

What is keeping me from full focus on my goals long enough to achieve them?

Why is money inconsistent?

Why can’t I free myself from doubts about success and my abilities?

Now… what do YOU most want to know that will let you BE FREE?

Leave your comment below now…


  • Michelle says:

    I want to believe I can be self-employed and financially secure. I want to start my own coaching business for all of the freedoms you listed above, but I keep feeling that I can’t do it – which is a limiting belief I want to be free from!

  • Lenochka says:

    My emotions
    My fears
    My smallness
    Last 20 years most money spent on ceminars and raising my Consciosness- my fears, addictions , habits are stil there- even much smaller though

  • Barbara says:

    i want to be free have a meaningful purpose to live for, I know I can help other people because I have been through so many things and come out on top. Although, now u can barely drag myself out if bed. Ut would be nice to be free from whatever is inside of me sabotaging the life I do desperately want and once live. Please help I am at the end if my rope barely hanging on!

  • Tracey says:

    How can I let go of the beliefs that no longer serve me and free myself to live the life I want to create?