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Step One in uncovering your map to your highest Income

By November 6, 2012Blog

I am on a mission to help you step into your greatness and Unlock Your personal High income success blueprint… they key is to understand you are in control and re claim it. You can flip the switch in your own DNA for anything you want… you are encoded for the success you most desire! The Universe is trying to give you what you want, and it intended for you to have it… that’s why you want it!

[headline_arial_small_centered color=”#000000″]STEP ONE in unlocking that high income success blueprint is: Suspend your Disbelief: Decide to act as if you really believed You ARE here on a fully funded mission! [/headline_arial_small_centered]

High Speed Success is simple

  1. Decide to suspend your disbelief, this is what you do when you go to the movies or read a novel and you let go of your ‘mental rules’ about whether something seems real or plausible… you just decide to agree with the world the story has set and enjoy following along as if you really did beleive in their world.You have to do the same when it comes to believing and therefore acting as if it were true, that you are supported in every way, whether you have seen or, allowed it or not. You are here on a fully funded mission, that means your desires are there as a Divine map, whatever you need to manifest your vision and passion already exists and you have the means, strength, smarts and anything else you need to achieve it with great success.
  2. Start to look at all the decisions you have made and are making from this new perspective. What if you knew you had the resources, money clients, ideas… you just kept looking till you found them? What would you say ‘yes’ to? Would you hire a coach, put up a website, speak at an event, put on a workshop, get hypnosis to clear your fears…? Make new decisions and look for the answer from a place of ‘it’s already there!”.
  3. Be Contrarian! DO this YOUR WAY… really, like the old song… it’s the only way you will succeed. 78% of the tactics and strategies that worked for other successful people are not duplicatable… even they can’t repeat the success. Why? Because it was a unique blend of that person being 100% them and in the moment, and they create a “Magnetic Moment” when things CLICK. Don’t be what you think others want, be what you most want to  be.
    So YOU have to be YOU… by being YOU and interacting with the world in a way no one else has or can. STOP trying to be like Everyone else, and embrace what is most unique, different, unusual about you.CLICK! Did you hear that! I think you just unlocked one more bolt in your personal $100K DNA!  Take this first step now… and let me know below what happens, do it fast… its better than perfection. Get momentum, stir it up, see who yu really are! Get back to remembering you are here on a FULLY FUNDED MISSION!

(and I have an incredible audio for you tomorrow and Thursday we will be doing the High Income Hypnosis™ session on unlocking your $100K DNA… woo hoo! If you have not signed up yet, do so on the home page here CLICK its all free!)