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Step Two to Unlock your Success Blueprint

By December 8, 2012December 12th, 2012Blog
[headline_arial_small_left color=”#000000″]Step Two to Unlock your $100K DNA or Success Blueprint inside you[/headline_arial_small_left]


Now you are uncovering who you truly are, and that you are here on a fully funded mission, it’s time to uncover those burning desires and set them free. They are a BIG secret to success. They are inside you for a reason, It is not selfish, greedy, or wrong in any way to have strong desire for an income, clients, business, house, life… exactly the way you most want it to be.

BUT… the BIG BUT!! We are taught and programmed we cannot have what we want, we are taking away form others by wanting things and that there is NOT ENOUGH.. so we should settle and be happy with what we have.

It is indeed made out to be noble and somehow makes you a good or better person to not want, not honor or listen to  your desires, to expect less and be okay with it. The meeker and more quiet we are about what we want, the better we are perceived, especially as kids.

But this is ALL  MESSED UP! This is NOT the way it is meant to be. We DO NOT live in a Sadistic Universe, where we are given dreams, visions and strong desires that we cannot possibly fulfill or have. We are not meant to struggle daily between what we want and what we have. We are NOT SUPPOSED TO SETTLE!!

[headline_georgia_medium_left color=”#000000″]WE ARE supposed to WANT what we WANT!![/headline_georgia_medium_left]



Clear out all the other voices in your head (and there are lots of them!). Be aware that your first responses are most likely:

  1. What you were told you could have
  2. What you think you can do (without too much stretching)
  3. What your fears of rejections, failure etc. are saying, not the true inner voice of the real you.

Ask this and begin to go deeper than ever before.. because guess what… YOU HAVE NOT BEEN LETTING YOURSELF WANT hate you truly WANT!

Spend 3 minutes each day silently going within and asking yourself “What do I want? What is the inner most desire, the one that never rests,really saying?

You can also ask yourself this, it may help to open you  up:

“What would I want, if I knew I couldn’t fail? If success was assured, what would I let myself want?”


There is a restlessness in you, a frustration that you can be and want more. There is a voice, an urging within that WILL NOT SHUT UP!

And no matter how many times you try to settle for less, that part of you will nag and push and never give up… thank goodness!

ENJOY! and leave your comments and experiences below please!


Which is good.

You were not put here to live someone else’s life, You are here to be you, 100%.

Until you embrace and accept that, you are paying small, hiding and not reaching your full potential.


Cause you can’t blossom into your fullest potential and expression, and therefore highest income and fulfillment, by trying to NOT WANT what you really want, or NOT LETTING YOURSELF want it, or have it, or pursue and find it.

Want to help, serve, empower, uplift, transform, heal? The you HAVE TO let yourself WANT what you really want…






Just pure acceptance, that the Universe/ God/ your highest self, GAVE YOU these desires, indeed ENCODED THEM  – into you… because they are your MAP to the next level of your life!

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