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Quantum Leap Business Formula

By December 17, 2012Blog

Are you serious about exponentially increasing your business success in the next 12 months?

 To grow your revenue, sales, profits… as well as your exposure, customer base and performance, the fastest, most effective and lasting way to get the growth you seek is a QUANTUM LEAP – or “Skipping -a-level” as I call it.


Years ago a friend and mastermind partner, Dan, came up with the concept of “skip a level” and I have been smitten ever since! We masterminded for 4 years, I helped him discover a whole new world and we studied real estate investing, hypnosis and personal growth together for years. We were both intent on our personal, financial and business growth and wanted to master the keys to success. We discovered, you do not have to go step by step, doing it the way everyone else does. We sought out the way to JUMP to our end result by skipping levels in between.


Did you know that “Quantum” doesn’t necessarily mean a huge distance, it does however mean you got there in ONE STEP vs having to go through each and every step or stop on the way. It is the difference between an express train that leaves the station where you are now, and arrives NON STOP at the destination vs the local train that stops at all the small stations along the route.


This has been my focus for over 20 years, and now, I am taking the formula and bringing it to you. My focus in 2013 is to work exclusively with the people who are ready for REAL CHANGE and REAL SUCCESS and REAL HAPPINESS – and who want it NOW!


It does not matter what you beleive, what you have accomplished in the past, or what you have lost or failed at. This is the way out and onto the next step of your success blueprint.


Right now- in a blink of an eye, you can have a Quantum Skip (Leap)… and experience a whole new level of results -by thinking, and acting in a DRAMATICALLY DIFFERENT way – and not at all what you expect!


No more

  • Trying harder
  • Conventional approaches
  • fear of failure
  • fear of discomfort
  • waiting for success , money, clients happiness…
  • following other people’s rules

Time to COLOR OUTSIDE THE LINES – or rather COLOR OUTSIDE THE LIES that you have been running your life by… and create your own map based your your Success DNA.




Interested in growing your business, your income and your talents exponentially? THIS IS HOW.


The Formula of Quantum Success or “Skip -a-level Success” is being revealed – stay tuned – especially if you want to create a QUANTUM SKIP (Leap) in your:


  • revenue and sales
  • performance and presence
  • influence and impact
  • communication and connection
  • profits and purpose
  • mindset and confidence


For today ponder this:


What has trying harder got you so far? What would it be like to STOP trying harder and succeed faster?


Leave a comment below please!