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If you are serious about making more money and serving more people than ever before.. read this now.

By January 11, 2013March 15th, 2019Blog

I am in L.A, specifically Marina Del Rey – meeting VIP clients, and BEING a VIP client as well -so I can expand my own ability to create powerful transformations and serve more people..
Yep! I hire pro’s to help me grow my business, grow personally, and increase my level of performance too!

In fact, I will NEVER AGAIN  go without a coach, and mentors who are top in their fields to support, challenge and guide me in my business and my life. It is just plain TOO HARD doing it alone, and TOO SLOW!

  • Are you stuck in the “I will do it myself” mode?
  • Are you trying to build a 6 or 7 figure income by using free and cheap resources?
  • Are you hesitating to invest money in yourself and your business at a higher level?

I cannot believe how often I see passionate business owners have goals to make $10,000 – $20,000 – even $100,000 a month(which is totally doable BTW – me and my clients do it all the time)  BUT they are not willing to spend any significant amount of money on getting real help.

How do you expect money to flow to you, when you refuse to spend it? Can you see how in-congruent it is to say you want to make BIG MONEY and yet NOT be WILLING to invest in getting a real coach, who can get you to that goal? How long are you going to keep DOING THE SAME THING – and expecting NEW RESULTS? It really is the definition of insane! Not to mention completely out of alignment with Universal laws. If you don’t play by the laws – you do not win.

It is time to stop fooling yourself, and letting thos deep fears, doubts and lack based beliefs run your life, mind and bank account. You will never get rich using free resources. You have to invest in yourself at a level you expect others to invest in with you, and you need to do it now – or next month, next year – will be the same, again.

You HAVE to BREAK FREE from that – right now – I am not kidding here –

If you are serious about making more money and serving more people than ever before, 
you have to ‘pay the price’ as Napoleon Hill puts it, in his classic book Think and Grow Rich. That is both money, as well as effort, time and letting go of the fears and mindsets that hold you back and keep you playing small.

If you have a problem in your business or income, if you are confused about your niche, prices, or products, or what to do next… if you want a strategy and mindset that will actually take you to 6 or 7 figures – you MUST GET HELP. Stop trying to be cheap and do it alone, it is not serving or honoring you and your greatness, and it certainly isn’t helping your lifestyle or family live the life you deserve. 

Successful people get professional help, and the more successful they become – the more $$ they spend on themselves and their business… NOT LESS! Millionaires and even Billionaires consistently hire mentors and coaches, and even increase what they spend on it as they become more successful. WHY? Because they know, you cannot do it alone! NO fortune, no business, no movement was created by one person acting alone.

“Success leaves clues” Anthony Robbins

This is a BIG CLUE – pay attention – you have to DO SOMETHING DRAMATICALLY DIFFERENT –  to break free from your current income and business growth speed.It’s time to THINK and ACT like a SUCCESS – so you can LIVE IT.

I am very passionate about this, because I see it over and over and over. It is SAD. Really SAD. People come to me to break free, to make their dreams a reality, to make more money and more impact and fulfill their mission – and too many stay playing small, letting fears and other people in their life stop them. They are afraid to invest money in themselves, and try to create a bigger income $$$ by using free or cheap courses, or programs.

I remember watching a panel of multi-millionaire coaches once and they flat out said “You have to pay to play” -and they all had massive experience in investing in themselves and seeing what a difference it made. They stretched themselves many times to hire a mentor. They worked 2 jobs, borrowed, put off other conveniences or purchases, and put themselves and their business first. It paid off, BIG! Success leaves clues….

I see people find and know what they want… and ALMOST SAY “YES”…then back away and hide in a forest of excuses:
(see any you have used?)

  • I have debt I have to pay off first (debt is not a reason to stop your life, one of my mentors was a million $ in debt, and borrowed MORE to turn it around)
  • I have other expenses (are you spending money on what will really make a difference or what will keep the status quo?)
  • I will try this $50 thing and make money and then hire a coach (will never work)
  • My spouse won’t let me or gets mad, so I will not do it (who is running your life?)
  • It’s not the right time, or not Divine timing ( Divine timing is always NOW, there is no other time, and when the Universe gives you an opportunity, you say yes, not wait)
  • It feels too big or scary, or uncomfortable, or uncertain, so that must mean it’s not right for me (NOT TRUE – you HAVE to get out of your comfort zone, or nothing will change, guaranteed!)

Is this you? are you feeling like you want to change, you cannot take the way things are anymore.. feel really ready…” and yet you let SOME THING or SOME ONE stop you? It is your Subconscious is Looking for ANY EXCUSE to keep ypu stuck right where you are! You do not understand how  POWERFUL and SNEAKY your subconscious is – it is trying to keep you safe – but based on BS beliefs and patterns… NOT BASED ON TRUTH!!! It is SO SAD.. because, I also know the TRUTH – the statistics say, without any doubt, if you do not do something DRAMATICALLY DIFFERENT to change your current situation, income or business – it WILL NOT CHANGE! It’s a law of physics, a body in motion, moving in a particular direction, will stay on that exact path, unless it is INTERRUPTED. You need an interruption.

YOU have to do it… BUT not alone – that is why I am here.
 I hate waiting, and slow results – I am all about High Velocity Business growth…High speed Sales – High Income Mindset – Money Mastery – High Performance – and accelerating your results. Creating your dream business, lifestyle and attracting your dream clients all takes doing something new, getting true support and transformation, being challenged and stepping into the unknown. I push myself and hire coaches who do the same, because I know what I want is possible – but not by myself – and I want it now. I want it for you now, too… do I want your success more than you do?

You want a breakthrough? I mean a real one? One that changes things, permanently? …

I have 2 options for you to take action right now:

  1. Schedule a time to talk to me right now: I am filling my private business coaching spots and private High Income Hypnosis spots
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Act now – set yourself up for a quantum leap in 2013. I look forward to talking to you!