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Are you committed to comfort or success? Part 1

By January 26, 2013Blog
This is part one of a series on Quantum Skipping your income and Success.
“I feel so uncertain – I am not sure what to do , or if it will work… Sound familiar to you? If you are building a business, comfort zone graphicbreaking through your personal and mental limits and intent on making an impact and a whole lot of money – then you are probably living in ‘uncertainty’ A LOT!
If you’re interested, you’ll do what’s convenient. If you’re committed, you’ll do whatever it takes.”

 – John Assaraf

It’s unfortunate, I see it all the time, people who really want change, really want to grow a business that feeds their lifestyle, dreams, passion and bank account – while feeding others… but they are unwilling to step out of the DREADED COMFORT ZONE – and into uncertainty.

There is this misconception that successful, wealthy people, do not have fears, or challenges – that they are fearless and certain all the time. RUBBISH! I work with people starting out with $20 to their name and with business owners making millions – and every time anyone wants to create more – they have to step out of certainty and into the unknown. It is a fact  – in fact a LAW – of life.

No matter what your level of success or income, you NEVER STOP stepping OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE – IF you want to grow and expand.

If success were simple, easy and all about STAYING in your comfort zone – well then everyone would be rich, happy and healthy – but they are not! In fact over 80% of the world lives in poverty and less than 5% of people make over $100,000. Most coaches are broke – making under $20,000 a year! THAT IS NOT LIVING!

What’s missing? A willingness to STEP OUT OF THE COMFORT ZONE – into the FIELD OF PURE POTENTIALITY = Uncertainty.

“Life Begins at the end of your comfort zone” Neale Donald Walsch

  So seek uncertainty, get a guide, mentor or coach to help you find your faith and step into your potential!

This is a SECRET to QUANTUM SKIPPING: create a huge shift – your launching pad is outside your comfort zone. The magic and miracles and money are all outside your bubble of knowing. Come back Monday and we will go deeper into this FIELD OF PURE POTENTIALITY – the place where dreams become reality.

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