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How to handle the fear, doubt and worry

By February 27, 2013Blog

This is part Three of a series on Quantum Skipping your income and Success. (See part 1 CLICK HERE )

“Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.” ~ Brian Tracy

How to handle fear, doubt and worry that is keeping you stuck in your comfort zone. Your comfort zone AKA the death (of desire, success and dreams) Zone is the domain of your Subconscious mind. It holds you here with your beliefs and agreements. The job of your SC (Subconscious mind) is to assess all incoming information, and filter it depending on the beliefs you have embedded within. These are like computer programs, telling your SC what you yes no maybe dicebeleive is true and this literally becomes your reality. It is what you SC makes you aware of or not. So if you beleive that it’s pushy or greedy to ask for money, you will have a hell of a time getting yourself to sell your services, even if you have eager customers at your door.

Your current results = your current beliefs.

In order to create new results – like making more money, having more clients – you have to change your beliefs.

How to handle the fear, doubt and worry – the old limiting beliefs, programs and attitudes that hold you back and literally GLUE YOU into the comfort DEATH Zone – these are like tendrils that entwine you and keep you stuck. These are the chief weapons of the SC – it serves up a heaping hot platter of

FEARS: – ‘What if’s” … DOUBTS – you can’t, you failed in the past… and WORRIES – second guessing yourself, and thinking about the possible failures and what people will think….

FIRST you have to recognize these are NOT SUPPORTING YOU – they are LIES and NOT TRUTH. It is not some cosmic voice or guardian angel that is whispering to you “Don’t do it” or “Stop, now is not the time – wait” – NEVER!!!

Divine time is NOW – and only now. If an opportunity is presenting itself to you, it means

  1. Yes – the time is now
  2. Yes – you are ready
  3. Yes – you have the way to do it (money, time etc…)
  4. Yes – the Universe is trying to GIVE you what you want

Anything you use to stay in your comfort zone and not step into  your opportunities is an EXCUSE. Your desires – what you truly want and love and lights you up – (and that is not playing it small and safe) are a MAP. They are telling you clearly where you should go and they will NEVER SHUT UP!

You ever notice that? Your inner most desires will keep plaguing you , so time to listen to them and let them be louder than the fear voice.

Most of us were taught to SUPPRESS our true desires, and AMPLIFY our FEARS. The news feeds fear daily, the papers and even movies fan the flames of fear for sales.

Remember fear, doubt and worry are communication – but you have to ask yourself

[headline_arial_small_centered color=”#000000″]WHO IS TALKING? Is it the voice of limitation, lack and staying the same (SC) or is it the voice of POTENTIAL, Possibility, faith and expansion? [/headline_arial_small_centered]

Think about it, if you were meant to stay in your comfort zone and feel safe, calm and secure about every action why would you have these deep inner desires, like restless seeds inside you constantly making you want more, new , different, better?

It is the nature of nature, and of you, to have an inner program for “MORE” and that program is life itself, it is full of potential and it is guiding you – out of your comfort zone and into fulfilling your potential.

Associate a toxic image to fears and doubts and begin to be more committed to your desires and vision than to anything that says ‘no’ – or ‘you can’t’. The Universe already said yes, or you would not have the idea at all. The way is there, step out and find it, even if you feel fear.

You can serve more, and have a bigger impact if you follow your inner truth and stay on your mission – despite what others say, despite what you perceive as failure – never stop pursuing and demanding you live the reality of your desires. Follow your map today – step outside into the flow of life and abundance, there is no growth or expansion in the Death  Zone.

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