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Own your power International Womens Day

By March 9, 2013Blog

I am so pleased to celebrate today, International Women’s Day. The fact that this is even a topic that is being discussed globally is such a huge  sign of progress! There is such a huge wave of energy now, that is picking up economic support as well Women-holding-handsas heartfelt support , that sees women as valuable. Valuable as buyers, decision makers, business starters…

Sad thing is – there are not only so many women globally with very little opportunity, but what I see as the biggest challenge is the MINDSET about VALUE, WORTH AND MONEY within women themselves. I am passionate about empowering women with a WEALTH CONSCIOUSNESS that will support them in building a life of meaning and means that can help them do what they know inside they are here to contribute. The fact that most women do not feel WORTHY or see their VALUE or charge their true worth, or make as much as men – all this contributes to a SLOWED DOWN EVOLUTION… economically, healing, and any area you can think of.

I remember in grade school in Chicago, girls were not allowed to wear pants. So we had to wear pants to walk through the snow and cold and wet to get to the school, but then we had to remove them and wear a dress for the school day. Not a BIG oppression, as you look around the world and what has been and is being done to women – but a sign of the MINDSET and how it has shifted.

I have been in business for myself for 29 years, and as a woman entrepreneur I have experienced many forms of discrimination, even when the name of the company was my name! I have been in fields like Real Estate investing when I was the only woman and the guys would meet at cigar clubs and gun clubs and men’s clubs, where I could not network.

Most of all though, now, after all the ups and downs in my life, like a daughter dying, a divorce where I lost everything and much more, I have come to the point where I am most passionate about unlocking the power within women so they can have the confidence to share their talents and gifts and get paid what they are worth  – and FEEL GOOD about it!

[headline_arial_large_left color=”#000000″]WHAT CAN YOU DO to EMPOWER WOMEN?[/headline_arial_large_left]

If you ARE a women:

  • DECIDE today to stand in your power – speak up and see your value
  • Get help_ let others support you – like a mentor or coach and others, DO NOT DO IT ALL BY YOURSELF ANYMORE
  • IF you have a business RAISE YOUR RATES and add more value to what you do (value does not necessarily mean time) – repackage, re-price and get better results for you and your clients
  • Take care of yourself, set time aside for you, and nurture your energy and mindset, treat yourself as the STAR
  • Say no – when needed without guilt
  • SPEAK UP say what you think and know and let people see your power, your opinion and your gifts
  • LET GO of what others think of you, it is none of your business and it does not support your personal vision and power
  • GET SALES TRAINING – women especially need to understand sales is SERVING and there is a way to powerfully enroll people into your business or movement WITHOUT feeling pushy , aggressive.
  • Stop taking things personally, working to be liked and decide instead to listen to your ONE AUTHORITY within you and follow your desires without EXCUSES
  • Stop explaining, validating and justifying yourself in any way – you are magnificent and here for a purpose, own it and live it and let the people who do not like it go, and find the ones who seek what you offer and who you are – they ARE there!!
  • BE a role model for other women and girls, be strong, believe in yourself, speak up and take a stand for what you believe in.


  • Do not ever see anyone as powerless! This pity energy does not support, uplift or empower anyone, and it says you believe in victims and victims do not have any power.
  • Decide to see the power and strength and choice within each women, no matter what her circumstances, and hold a space for her to own that power and be all she is designed to be,
  • Compliment, appreciate and offer what will truly help

Many blessings to all the women around the globe that dream big, and serve from their heart, and share who they are – and to all those who have not yet been able to speak up and be seen – I believe in you and I KNOW you have HUGE VALUE to share – SPEAK UP!

Please comment and share and let me know how I can help you SPEAK UP and share your magic!