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Can you feel The Matrix? The reality program is changing

By April 18, 2013Blog

I have been talking to so many clients and people around the world this week and noticed that the signs are all in place for a BIG matrixQuantum Leap –

What are the signs?

Well, oddly enough it’s often the ‘Glitches” in our progress, feelings and energy that are the biggest signs we are on the verge of a huge breakthrough.

I know the New Economy is being re -programmed, and you are too.

Why Glitches if I am about to experience what I desire?

Did you see the movie the Matrix? Remember that when they changed something in the Matrix – altered the program that was creating reality ( Deja Vu) – it was experienced by the people in the Matrix, as a glitch, something didn’t flow smoothly, something stuck or skipped or reappeared…
The Matrix is your mind, and it can be re -programmed to experience any reality you desire. When you begin to have Deja Vu – not in a good way, but the old thoughts, fears, resistance comes up, old relationships or deep old wounds pop up – you feel slowed down, distracted or things do not happen smoothly – this is the Glitch and it is your Subconscious way to stop you from taking the leap to the next level of awareness and results. (That is the job of the SC (subconscious) – to keep you in alignment with your current beliefs. When you jump to a new level you can create new beliefs to support staying at that level of results.

I have talked to people this week who have experienced the following:

  • stuck in airports over night
  • massive electronic blocks like taking 13 hours to upload one video
  • banking issues and money flow slowing down
  • phone drops and bad connections
  • and on and on
I hear it all over and I know for me, that is a huge sign that if you STAY the course, you do not buy into the negativity, you DO NOT let it pull you back to the old way of feeling and thinking, you will step out of this and into a whole new reality for you.

What do I do? I refuse to give the glitches any energy, I do not look at and give attention to the old thoughts or feelings that pop up. I also notice that the closer you get to a real breakthrough to being a new you, the most painful of old thoughts and people come back to haunt you – the SC really pulls out all the stops and tries to do it’s best to distract you. Do not let it. Just like as if you were driving a car and someone wanted you to look at something you say – sorry not now I am busy and you do not look.

To keep you in alignment with your current beliefs, when you jump to a new level you can create new beliefs to support staying at that level of results.

Leave a comment, I would love to hear what you have experienced and how you have now re-framed it to see the LEAP you are about to take in some area of your life, mindset or results.