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Do you fear if you have more, others will have less?

By July 8, 2013April 26th, 2019Blog

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Nan Akasha driving abundance

Nan Akasha driving abundance

[features_box_light_green width=”75%” + border=”2px”]Question: “I am listening to the Money Manifestation Course and Nan talks about more people earning 6 figure incomes. I am realizing that part of my fear is about having more than my share. If I have more, someone else will have less. But Nan is talking about more people coming out of poverty if we earn more. Is that how the economy works? That there is a finite amount of money that is shared out between everyone?” With regards – L.B.[/features_box_light_green]
Today I want to answer this powerful and common question. This is such a HUGE issue, that even if you are aware you have a belief like this, you have no idea the depth to which it is stopping you, on many levels, in all areas of life!
Thank so much for this question! It is excellent that you have uncovered a core belief that is affecting your ability to access your own abundance. This is affecting so many of your decisions and actions that you are not even aware how deep it goes.
This core belief in lack as the natural state is at the center of most people’s life view – we hear it all the time “there’s not enough- water, time, oil, food, blood supply … and on and on. This is where the mistake is. Lack is only in our mind. Lack is in the belief,in the mind, and therefore literally defines what you see and become aware of, and therefore it provides you with “proof” that that belief is true.
But there is no shortage or finite amount of money. The thought if you have more others will have less is an untruth that has been used from religions to governments and on and on to make you/people act small, stay small and feel guilty,
You have to decide, that your new beliefs will be built on, abundance concepts. That you cannot have a desire without the supply and the way to make it happen being ALREADY present.
They keep printing more money, and there is no gold standard any more, which means they do not print money based on how much gold they actually have.
Money is based on value. You provide value and you will receive the equivalent. The top reasons why people believe this lack is that you have been raised in a society that told you “we make the rules, you go to someone else for a job, that person tells you what you are worth, when you work, how long and doing what, and they control everything.
The truth is if you figure out the unique value you provide, and you know who it most suits, it is what they want and you are passionate enough to let them know there is no shortage of money, opportunity, and other forms of abundance that will appear for you – in fact it is ALREADY all around you.
Start by transforming that belief – there is more than enough, for you and everyone, it is an individual choice. By choosing your beliefs to support your personal vision of your dream life, and your desires to serve, you will literally begin to see and recognize and step into the opportunities that you become aware of that already exist for you to thrive.
Give and you receive, but the give must be authentic and sincere, from a passion to serve, not to get, and from a belief in your value, so you will feel worthy enough to receive.
Your belief now that you will take from others and there is a finite amount so if you have more you are greedy and are taking away from others, is keeping you from seeing and pursuing what will make you rich… financially and in other ways.
Dump the guilt, decide it is a lie, and go for what you want. God does not take away from others to give to you if you ask for more. What you want, is already here for you. Otherwise you would not want it… it’s your choice, uproot those false beliefs telling you there is finite money, and decide to be the fullest, best version of you, giving your excellence and be willing to be paid excellently as well- you will serve the world more from that place than you ever can thinking there is not enough and staying small not to take from others!