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Having Fun in your business attracts more clients

By September 6, 2013April 26th, 2019Blog

Nan Akasha in AtlantaI am off to a day of fun for the Austin Woman Magazine annual bash.

We get pampered and fed and get to meet lots of amazing women.

I used to resist such things – I thought it was not ‘serious” business, and I was wasting my time.
I thought, if I am enjoying it, and they are giving me a makeover, having cute young men serve us champagne and seeing fashion shows, this was not work and it was not going to further my business.

In fact the photo here is of me and a group of people I met at an event in Atlanta a couple weeks ago, and one lady in it is going with me today

I also felt awkward in networking situations where I felt like I HAD to meet people to make it worth my time.

Do you ever have that guilt inside, telling you if you are having fun, you are doing something wrong?
Well, I am here to tell you , it’s all wrong and backwards!

The more I relax and enjoy myself, the more business becomes easy and flows.

The more I just let go and be myself – the more people I meet!

The more friendships, clients and JV’s I connect with.

The more I realize I have to infuse my business with my style and values, not just my vision, the more people are attracted to it.

So go out, and have fun, do not stress about networking.

[content_box_light_green width=”75%”][headline_arial_medium_left color=”#000000″]Here is my foundational belief and I give this to my clients:

Everywhere you are, you are there ON PURPOSE.

There is ALWAYS someone in the room, that needs something you have, and there is someone who has something you want.

Most likely multiple people.

Stop playing small and working ‘hard”… go work fun, and share your STYLE! [/headline_arial_medium_left][/content_box_light_green]