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Why Women entrepreneurs lose their passion

By October 15, 2013Blog

Have you ever lost your passion for your passion based business? 

It’s easy to do, to lose that sense of purpose and excitement when
you have to do so many technical things to market on the internet,
send out blogs and emails, book speaking gigs, talk to clients…
Feels like you are running and chasing – especially if you are not making a HEALTHY MONTHLY INCOME or are not finding your Bliss Clientele.
Here’s the key:
You lose your passion because
  1. You lose your clarity and focus – you get dragged off on ‘shiny object syndrome”
  2. Your “Juicy Why” is lost or has changed and you cannot connect to it’s juice anymore
  3. You completed something you put a lot of time or effort into, and you are either tired, or you did not get the results you wanted so you feel bad about yourself, your results and you do not want to put more time into it or think about it

  1. Recommit to your purpose and vision and the goals to get there.. find a new level of the vision, reignite your Soul level connection to why you are here to do this
  2. See all you have GAINED -the strengths and knowledge and power you gained from the experience, nothing is a loss – not even if you perceive it as a failure
  3. Give yourself a day off to just BE – in your delicious Divine self and nurture yourself, celebrate who you are and what you are doing
  4. Make a new strategy – talk to your coach, get a coach and then get jazzed about the next level you are ready for…
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