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Stop using money as an excuse

By March 15, 2014Blog

I am so fired up right now, I want to scream from the rooftops!!

Here it is – I am going to be super direct and blunt with you right now… woman with nomoneyif you keep saying you do not have the Money and using it as an excuse, 


I do not care what your STORY is…. yes, that may sound uncaring, but it is actually the complete opposite. I want you to prosper, thrive and serve.

I talk to people all day who are on welfare, have $20 left, live on Social security, lost everything in the crash and went thru bankruptcy.. IT DOES NOT MATTER.

Please, please get it into your head that is your block. If you keep using it as an excuse to tell yourself you cannot do what you want or build a business that makes recurring income…  none of it matters and none of it is true

I CARE ABOUT YOU so much it hurts!!!

That is why I am going to give it to you straight. I can’t help you, and no one else can either if you do not stop using money or the lack of it (or other people’s agreeing with you spending money – like a spouse) as an excuse for why you cannot get help – like hire a business coach.

No matter how many free calls you get on, how many cheap courses you buy, even if you actually do them (yes I know 85% or more never do the courses they buy!) it is not enough to get you out of where you are and into building a REAL BUSINESS with recurring income and cashflow.

You cannot do it alone, and you can find the money if you decide and commit. 

I have seen it over and over and over… people come to me with no money , and yet, if they are willing to STOP using money as an excuse and figure out HOW, I can show them the how and their life and income transforms.

I was in a bad situation and went from being a millionaire with 80 properties to being bankrupt and homeless – my mom disowned, me and I was filled with guilt and shame… what changed? I STOPPED buying my own story of how I didn’t have the money to get help.

Instead I decided deep within I did not know how, but i was going to get a coach and I was going to get help. I made over $15,000 in 4 weeks and hired help and nothing has been the same since.

I have helped 1000’s of people with sad, broken money stories and situations, to stop using money as an excuse, and decide to find the way. Because the secret is… the solution is already here!!

So I challenge you, right now, to STOP using money as an excuse, and make a decision to get the help you most need, and go do it. 

Yes – you will have to get out of your comfort zone, but it’s worth it. Frankly, until you do, nothing will change anyway. I know, I have been there and seen it with others over and over.

My challenge to you is to DECIDE right now to get the help you need, NO MATTER WHAT!   That is a winner’s mindset.

If you think I am that person who can help you clear your money blocks and build a business based on your Bliss, then contact my office at [email protected] and say YES! I am ready to STOP using money as an excuse, and build a recurring income doing what I love!

With all the love in my heart – I want you to break free from your money prison. I did, it’s worth it.

You know if you are still using money as an excuse… if you have said “I can’t afford it” or “I don’t have the money” or “I shouldn’t spend the money” or even
” I am on a fixed income”…. none of it matters… please hear me… contact my office at [email protected] right now if you want to drop the excuses and start making money!