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True Life Inspiration – Karen’s Story

By May 13, 2014Blog

I wanted to inspire you today – with a real life story from one of my Bliss Business School members. Yes, she has tripled her income in just 3 months… but read on to see what she says “But, actually, something else much more valuable has happened…”But before you read this, I want you to know this is posisble for YOU TOO! I am not kidding – I am sharing this, because I want you to know, no matter where you are right now, you are closer than you think to what you really want all you need is to say is ‘yes’ and step up – I am here to hold your hand the rest of the way! “Now, I am dancing my way through life again!”

Dear Nan,
Nine years ago, I had a complete breakdown – I was unable to walk, get out of bed or do anything for over six months. I had to leave my job and sell my 2 homes. 
I went from leading a seemingly happy and successful life to being severely broken and deeply depressed, almost overnight.
Unable to work for a long time, many dark times but amongst the darkness there was a light shining within me, guiding me and leading me forward. I began to dream, to plan, to listen to my soul. 
I knew it was a healing business of some sort. I planned, made notes, drew logos….it was all there, except two things ..
courage and self-belief. 

I made the commitment to honor my dreams, my soul. I knew I would meet the people I needed to when the time was right. I came across your dazzling picture and the words ‘New Feminine’ and ‘Bliss Business School’ jumped out at me. I somehow knew that you were one of the people I was meant to meet. I wanted to sign up straight away but knew I couldn’t afford the fees ( or so I thought then!) but something pulled me to call you anyway. I guess I just really ‘wanted’ what you were offering – an opportunity to create a feminine blissful business. I had shied away from my business dream for so long as I had this notion of business being grey, angular, masculine, officious. When we talked I knew even more that I wanted ‘in’, especially after you sent me the ‘find the money’ audio. I went from thinking I had no money to finding the deposit in three days. Since then, just three months ago, I have tripled my income. But, actually, something else much more valuable has happened: through the work that you do, your style of working, your incredible processes, your belief in us, your nurturing support (with a healthy dose of no-nonsense, ‘just get on with it’ cajoling!)…you have enabled me to move from some-one who felt broken beyond repair, destined to always pine for her dreams to becoming a woman who feels successful, powerful, free, very feminine and deeply sexy! People I have known for years have been passing me by, not recognizing me! People are referring to me as ‘ a gorgeous woman’.I know I am shining with inner confidence now. I know I am building a very successful business that truly honours my soul purpose. I know I am achieving my dream.But, more importantly, I also know that I have finally healed from ‘breakdown’ and am in the process of ‘breaking through’.I have moved from a place of deep darkness and sorrow to a place of joy and true bliss and I am so grateful to you Nan for your part in my journey. From the core of my soul, I thank you. The picture is of me dancing on the beach. I love this picture because, for so long I was unable to move or be free, to laugh, dance or smile. Now, I am dancing my way through life again!

Karen Packwood
International Clairvoyant, Healer and Author”

Wow – right? I care that you get out of the past and into your bright shiny HAPPY vision of wealth , health and freedom too. Helping Your Dream Come True. We still have a few spots left in the next Bliss Business School Group starting in a couple weeks… is it time for you to say “Yes” too and discover what is possible for you?